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Friend Fun Stamps

f_stamps_pix.gif (17146 bytes)Friendly Fun “Stamps”
Fun mail needs fun stamps so mix up a batch of sticker glue and make some “Friendly” stamps.

You need:


Print stamps. If using an inkjet printer, spray both sides with fixative. Let dry. If using the outline version, color with pencils or crayons. If you color with markers, you’ll have to spray both sides with a fixative to keep the color from running. Cut stamps into sheets of four.

You can perforate your stamps using a sewing machine with
no thread.

Mix up a batch of licky sticker glue. Spread glue on the back of your stamps. Let dry. Spread another layer. Let dry. If stamps curl, weigh them done with some books to flatten.

To use your “stamps” cut or tear them apart. Lick the back or use a damp sponge. Press down on your envelope.

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