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Duct Tape Water Bottle Holder Craft


duct_tape_waterbottle_holderNow you can make your own water bottle holder in your own special style. This makes an amazing craft for both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. Make your water bottle holder environmentally friendly with re-usable water bottles that are the same size as a water bottle. If the dimensions aren’t the same, you can adjust your measurements to allow for the re-usable water bottles you will be using.

You need:

  • Patterned Duct Tape or Solid Duct Tape
  • Patches or other decorations
  • Fabric Glue
  • Scissors
  • Ruler


Lay a 12” strip of duct tape upside-down on your work surface. Lay a second 12” strip below it overlapping 1/4”. Lay a series of 4.5” strips sticky side down on top, overlapping each other 1/4”. Until you have a piece of duct tape “fabric” that measures approximately 12” x 4.5” Use a ruler and scissor to trim to 10” x 3.5”. Form into a tape, overlapping short ends. Secure inside and outside with duct tape. Trim excess or fold over. If your are good with duct tape, you can make the strap by folding a 30” piece of tape in half lengthwise. You’ll need a friend to help but it can still be tricky. Try this method instead: Lay a 12” piece of duct tape upside down on your work surface. Lay a 30” piece of duct tape sticky side up on your work surface. Lay a 12” piece on top stick side down in the middle. Doesn’t have to be perfect. Lay a second 12” piece at the end overlapping 2” with the middle piece. Repeat with a third 12” piece at the other end. You now have 30 inch strap that can be trimmed down to 1” wide. Overlap ends and secure firmly with tape wrapped around the joint. This will be the weakest part. Position your strap inside the duct tape loop with the weak joint up against the inside of the tube. Securely tape in place. Adjust so most of the strap is on one end and only 1.5” comes out the other end. Securely tape other side in place. Decorate with contrasting duct tape, a patch, felt or foam shapes or stickers.

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