Daisy* Troop 70908 from Springfield MO earning a fall camping patch.

Daisy* Outdoor JOURNEY*

Daisy Girl Scouts Camping

Troop 70908 from Springfield MO camping.

Earning the Outdoor JOURNEY*

Your girls are ready to get outside and earn the outdoor awards. To complete this JOURNEY*, the girls will need to complete the Buddy Camper and Outdoor Art Maker badges as well as a Take Action project.

MakingFriends®.com has many ideas to make getting outdoors fun for them and easy for you!

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Superhero Flower Garden Adventure Download
Earn your “Welcome to the Daisy* Flower Garden” JOURNEY* and all ten petals in six fun, easy meetings you and your girls will love. This download is structured for six troop meetings.


Outdoor Journey Badges

Outdoor JOURNEY* Take Action Project Ideas

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