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Ballerina Costume


amandaMake an adorable tutu and matching headpiece for just a few dollars in craft supplies.

You need:

  • Visor
  • Craft Foam (Match Visor Color)
  • 1 Yard of Sequins
  • 1 Roll of Tulle for One Long Tutu Like the One Shown Here (or Two Short Ones)
  • Fabric Glue
  • Masking Tape
  • Scissors & Stapler
  • Pattern

Instructions for Headpiece:

Print pattern. Staple all around outline onto craft foam. Cut out. Glue to the middle of the visor to make the point at the top. Decorate by gluing sequins on a string in your desired pattern. Cut a 4′ piece of tulle. Tie a knot every 3″ Glue to the lip of the visor letting the ends hang off both sides as shown. Trim.

Instructions for Tutu:

Half HitchCut a piece of tulle long enough to go around your waist and tie in a small bow. This will be your holding cord. Tape the ends securely to your work space. Cut 20-25 pieces of tulle in your desired length (ours are 1 yard each). Working with one piece at a time, half hitch to the holding tulle by folding the piece in half and placing the folded end down behind holding tulle drawing the working ends through the folded end loop. Diagram at right shows how a half hitch looks after tightening. Repeat with other pieces spacing them to fit. Remove masking tape and tie around your waist.

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