Leading your Girl Scout troop just got easier.

Earning the Considerate and Caring Petal

Troop 40359 in Hillsboro, OR made blankets to donate to hospitals, nursing homes, and those in need.

Ideas for the Daisy Light Green Petal

Your girls are old enough to learn about empathy. Now is the time to instill this value. Your troop can make home made items to donate to nursing homes, the military, animal shelters or hospitals. Cards and tray favors are an inexpensive idea for first year Daisy troops to start with. Holidays are always a good time to remember those less fortunate than us. Food drives at Thanksgiving and Christmas caroling at nursing homes are traditional Girl Scout activities but their are many other ways to teach your girls about empathy year round.


Order our Brownie and Daisy download and Charity will lead your Daisy Girl Scouts through earning their Considerate and Caring Petal



Fun Fact: By five years old, a child should begin to understand about empathy.

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