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Veteran’s Day Cards

card_vetrans_dayMake Veteran’s Day cards with a flag pin he can wear with pride.

You need:


Make a flag pin. Fold card stock in half or use pre-made cards. Punch two holes on the top inside for the pin. Write message to veterans. Decorate the outside of the card with stars.

USA Flag Pin

USA Pony Bead Flag Pin Kit

Kit Includes:
— 60 2-1/4″ Gold Coiless Pins
— Over 300 Size 4 Gold Safety Pins
— 1000 Red Pony Beads
— 1000 White Pony Beads
— 1000 Blue Pony Beads
— 60 “U” Letter Beads
— 60 “S” Letter Beads
— 60 “A” Letter Beads
— 120 “Heart” Letter Beads
— Instructions

Kit makes 60

$45.00 $34.99