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Brownie Bug Badge | Printable Bug Facts Coloring Pages

Our bug facts will help you earn the Brownie Bug Badge. Click on the images below to print each page: mosquito, praying mantis, house fly, walking stick, spider, dragonfly, butterfly, scarab beetle, bumble bee, caterpillar, centipede and ladybug. Hand these out before your meeting to keep the girls busy while waiting for the meeting to start. The information on the pages will help the girl complete the Brownie Bug badge requirements.

Illustrated Bug Fact Sheets:

walking-stick    praying-mantis    mosquito

spider    housefly    scarab-beetles

butterflies    caterpillar    dragonfly

centipede    ladybug    bumble-bee


Brownie Bug Badge in a Bag®
Complete kit for 12 girls.

Entomology has never been this much fun! They won’t even know they are doing a science badge.

1) Make a Bug Poster
2) Design Your Own Butterfly
3) Make a Bug Box
4) Make a Spider Web
5) Take a Closer Look

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