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Earn a masquerade patch! Service Unit SEARK Diamonds. The girls leaned about Brazil then followed it up with a masquerade ball.

Brazil | Ideas for Thinking Day*

Girl Scouts at a masquerade ball.

The girls from Service Unit SEARK Diamonds learned about Brazil then followed it up with a masquerade ball.

With the 2016 Olympics being hosted in Brazil, many troops may choose this country for booth. If so, girls will have plenty of options for decorations and pins for swapping ideas. MakingFriends®.com has ideas and products to help make your celebration a success.

Fun Fact: The Amazon River is the largest in the world by sheer volume. Although the Nile is slightly longer, the Amazon has a discharge rate nearly 74 times greater.


Brazil Patch
2″ Embroidered, Iron-on


The largest country in South America, Brazil has the greatest variety of wildlife on planet Earth- as many as four million different species. With 25 percent of all the world’s rainforest, native animals like colorful frogs, birds, iguana, jaguars, monkeys, giant anteaters and anaconda snakes will make for interesting displays, crafts and pins for swapping ideas.

A Brazil rainbow loop bracelet or Brazil soccer pins for swapping and soccer uniforms as costumes would also score well for Brazil because this country has won the World Cup a record five times! But soccer is not Brazil’s only sport. Car racing, volleyball, basketball and martial arts also attract large audiences.

Troops that have been working on any of the “It’s Your Planet” JOURNEY* series, will be impressed to learn that Brazil is 100% energy independent! That is quite an accomplishment for a country that previously imported 70 percent of the oil it used.

Additional ideas can also be found in South American Countries / Thinking Day* Ideas.

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