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Spiral Bracelet

bracelet_wovenThis simple knot can be done with with any kind of cord or embroidery floss. You can also knot in beads.

You need:

  • 6′ of Rainbow Satin Cord
  • Four Mini Pony Beads
  • Masking Tape
  • Scissors


Fold cord so you have one 1′ length and one 5′ length. Tie a knot at the fold to form a 1/2″ loop.

knot_woven.gif (10753 bytes)Your 1′ length with be your holding cord and the 5′ cord will be your working cord. Tape the looped fold to your work surface and the end of your holding cord to the table.

Make a knot by laying your working cord over top of the holding cord; then passing it underneath the holding cord and through to loop formed. Pull snugly. Continue knotting, letting the cord twist naturally as you work. Be careful to always knot in the same direction.

When you have a long enough bracelet to fit around you wrist, string two mini pony beads onto each end. Trim ends. Tie on your wrist by drawing one end through before knotting.

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