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Safety Pin Bracelet


bracelet_safetypinsThis comes out really nice. Try designing your own, the possibilities are endless!

You need:


Open up a safety pin and string on one gold bead, one light blue e-bead, one gold bead, and one more light blue e-bead.   Close the pin and use a needle nose pliers to crimp the head to keep it closed permanently. Make a total of 25 pins with the light blue beads and 25 pins with the dark blue beads.

Cut  a 2′ piece of beading elastic. Fold in half. String the first pin by threading one end of the elastic through the coil of the pin and the other end through the head of the pin. String the next pin with the head pointing in the other direction. Continue stringing, alternating the direction of the pins. Sting four of one color, then four of the other color.

String all 50 pins — actual number may very due to wrist size. Slide pins away from the fold of the elastic. Cut the elastic at the fol. Bring pins together to form into a loop. Tie off ends. Trim.

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