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Boomerang Name Hanger

boomerang_nameDecorate a boomerang with your name. You can even put a long cord on it to hang around your neck for a name tag.

You need:

  • Plastic Boomerang
  • Peel and Stick Letters
  • Vinyl Tape
  • Peel and Stick Foam Scraps
  • Hole Punch
  • School Scissors
  • Plastic Lace


Gluing on the plastic is tricky but tape and peel and stick foam works well and holds securely.
Peel and stick your name to the center of the boomerang. Wrap colored vinyl tape around it to decorate. You can also hole punch pieces of peel and stick foam to make more decorations.
To make a wall hanger, cut an 18″ piece of plastic lace and tape to the back.
To make a name tag, cut a 30″ piece of plastic lace and tape to the back.

Vinyl Tape
6 pack. Dimensions: Each tape approx .75inch

$2.99 $2.49

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