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Thinking Day Swaps
Thinking Day SWAPs

New Country Friendship Swaps!

Every country available!
Choose your country and we’ll give the printable with six national symbols plus a cover map.

$13.99/Makes 100

New Customized Friendship Swap Tags

Every country available!
Give us your swap information and we’ll print your tags with the country flag.

$10.99/Makes 100

Girl Scout Bridging Swaps

Bridging Friendship Swap Kit
Includes your custom swap info.
makes 24 $7.99

Chocolate Girl Scout SWAPs

Chocolate Friendship Swap Kit
Yummy and Funny!
makes 24 $9.99

Believe in Magic Unicorn Swap Kit

I Believe in Magic Friendship Swap Kit
Perfect for little girls who love unicorns.
makes 24 $8.99

DIY Felt Girl Scout Swap Banner

DIY Patch Banner Kit
$4.99 each.

DIY Felt Girl Scout Swap Banner

DIY SWAP Banner Kit
$4.99 each.

Youth Squad Downloads with program outlines

Clearance Sale!

We’re making room for new exciting merchandise!

Take Your Journey the Fun, Easy Way!

No more hours of prep work. No more running around. No more going over budget. With our kits and projects your girls will love to earn awards.

Cadette Girl Scouts* Breath Take Action Project

Badge in a Bags® for Daisys*
only $1 per girl, per meeting.

Badge in a Bags® for Brownies*
only $1.50 per girl, per meeting.

Badge in a Bags® for Juniors*
only $1.75 per girl, per meeting.

Badge in a Bags® for Cadettes*
only $2.50 per girl, per meeting.

Badge in a Bags® for Seniors*
only $3.00 per girl, per meeting.

Badge in a Bags® for Ambassadors*
only $4.50 per girl, per meeting.

Featured Patches

Superhero Downloads for Earning Daisy Girl Scout Petals

Petal Downloads
$45 for all ten petals. One purchase and your troop will be busy and engaged for the whole year!

Daisy and Brownie Downloads

Superhero Downloads for Brownies*
$50 for 10 badges plus review the GS Law so Daisies* can also earn petals.

Superhero Badge Downloads for Juniors*

*MakingFriends is not affiliated with, endorsed by or a licensee of Girl Scouts of the USA.

Featured Patches From Our Patch Program®

Money Wise Girl Scout Patch Program®

Money Wise

$.69 each

Feeding the Hungry Patch Program® for Girl Scouts

Feeding The Hungry

$.69 each

Shelter Helper Patch Program®

Shelter Helper

$.69 each

Girl Scout Save Water Patch Program®

Save Water
$.69 each

Youth Squad Presidential Service Award
What skills are your troop most interested in? Choose up to 3.
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