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Ukraine Landmark Patch Program®

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The Ukraine Landmark Patch from MakingFriends®.com will help your girl remember what they have learned about Ukraine and the girls that live there.




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MakingFriends Patch Program®

Girl Scout Ukraine Landmark PatchThis 2″ iron-on embroidered patch is part of our patch program®.


Our hearts are with the people of Ukraine and Russia in this difficult time. May peace come soon to the region. Your girls may not know much about Ukraine and it’s people. Thinking Day is a good opportunity to learn more about it.

Suggestions for how younger girls can earn the Ukraine Patch:

Complete as many as you are interested in.

  1. Girl Scout Downloads for UkraineThe Land of Ukraine: Print the downloadable map of Ukraine worksheet provided free with this patch purchase. How many items can you find on the map? Circle them.
  2. Girl Guides: Visit the Ukraine Girl Guides web page (Select English Version) and read their promise and law. How is it different from the Girl Scouts? How is it the same?
  3. Holidays: A popular Ukrainian custom is Maslenitsa week. Also called pancake week. It’s celebrated before Easter, sometime in February or March. Thin pancakes, called blini, are made fresh every day and served with sour cream and jam. The pancake was considered a symbol of the sun (yellow, round and hot) and celebrates the arrival of spring. People go to visit each other, sled, ski and simply enjoy life. Do one of the following:
    — Make and enjoy blini with your troop, family or friends.
    — Find out about Pysanka decorating of eggs.
    — Learn about a Christmas custom.
  4. Clothing: Print the download about traditional clothing in Ukraine and design your own vyshyvanka (shirt.) Download is free with this patch purchase.
  5. Food: Make and share a dish from Ukraine.
  6. Art: Color a drawing that represents an ancient Ukrainian art style. (From our sister site FreeKidsCrafts.com.
  7. Freedom for Ukraine: Sadly Russia has invaded Ukraine. Many people have lost their homes. Food and other supplies are scarce. The brave people of Ukraine are fighting back. You can support them by sending cards and letters to their troops.
    Blue-Yellow For Ukraine
    Blue-Yellow Warehouse
    Fermentu str. 4
    Vilnius, Lithuania 02244
  8. Reach Out to Ukraine Girl Guides: Send cards or letters-
    Ukraine. Kyiv. 02166
    Kosmonavta Volkova 12, ap.30
    Mariia Makodzeba

Suggestions for how older girls can earn the Ukraine Patch:

Complete as many as you are interested in.

  1. Girl Scout Downloads for UkraineGirl Guides: Visit the Ukraine Girl Guides web page or their Facebook page (Select English Version) and take a look at some of the activities the girls were doing before the war.
  2. Ancient Ukrainian Art: A highly stylized art called Scythian was practiced in ancient Ukraine and surrounding areas as far back as 900 BC. Take a look at this style and try your hand at it with our download. Downloaded is provided free with this patch purchase.
  3. Folk Traditions: Ukraine’s people embrace their folk culture. Their traditional shirts, called vyshyvanka, are still part of their wardrobe. Contemporary designers still use this style in modern fashions. The embroidery patterns vary depending on the region. Flowers, animals and geometric patterns are used. Red and black are the most commonly used colors. Red represents luck, joy, and love. Black, symbolizes wisdom. The designs are hand crossed stitched around the collar, cuff and sleeves. Print the download about embroidery patterns in Ukraine. Downloaded is provided free with this patch purchase.
  4. Music: Listen to a few various styles of Ukrainian pop music. How is it different from the music you listen to? How is it the same?
  5. Food: Make and share a dish from Ukraine. We have three easy recipes here or choose your own.
  6. The War: Since the Russian invasion, life has changed considerably for the Ukrainian people. Popular Ukrainian Vlogger, Taya, is an entrepreneur from the capital city of Kyiv. Before the war, she made videos throughout the country and showed her viewers about the land, it’s people, the food and traditions. Taya made living arranging travel, finding apartments and even arranging dates! This is her first video linked after she fled to Poland when Kyiv was bombed. Watch the video to understand what life is like now in war torn Ukraine.
  7. Nuclear Disaster: Find out Chernobyl. What is it like today? What has been the cost to the environment?
  8. Support for Ukraine: You can support the Ukrainian military by sending cards and letters.
    Blue-Yellow For Ukraine
    Blue-Yellow Warehouse
    Fermentu str. 4



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    I love the activities and project suggestions that came with this patch. I’m excited to celebrate Ukraine and complete a service project with my troop this year for World Thinking Day.

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