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International Ribbon Friendship Swap Kit

Product Number: MF-91
Make crafts for swapping with printed facts about your country, an outline of its shape and ribbons with the colors of the flag. There are 6 different facts (24 tags each). Choose from Australia, Bahamas, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, England, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jamaica, Kenya, Madagascar, Mexico, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey.
Kit makes 96

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Our Kit Includes:

  • Perforated Printed Fact Tags
  • Ribbon
  • Pins


Write your SWAP information, such as troop number or event name and date, on the back of the card. Open the pin and slide the perforated card on. Cut a piece of each ribbon color to 9 inches. Wrap the ribbons around the bottom of the pin and tie them in a knot, as shown in the picture. Close pin.


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2 reviews for "International Ribbon Friendship Swap Kit"

  1. :

    I purchased these SWAPs for our GS International Night in honor of World Thinking Day. They were extremely easy to assemble and were cute! I have 5 Cadettes and gave them the pieces with the cardboard fun facts taken apart (the sheets come perforated) and I cut the ribbon for them. I purchased two packs (96 in each); the girls wrote their troop number on the back and the six of us were able to complete all of them in one meeting (one hour). I did not laminate the sheets, they held up really well. I wish they were not so expensive because it really ate into my budget, but for a last minute option it was great.

  2. :

    I bought these SWAPs because I was too busy to plan one on my own for World Thinking Day. These were easy to do and looked great. They came with plenty of ribbon which was a concern I had. I think they are WAY overpriced but you get exactly what you see. I used self laminator sheets to provide a bit more strength to the tags. My 7-9 year old Scouts wrote our troop # on the back and they tied the ribbons and put the SWAPs together in one meeting.

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