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Respectful: Character Building Patch Program®

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Designed for any troop interested in reviewing the law. Our suggested requirements include opportunities for scouts of every level to put the law into practice with activities tailored for their age.


Girl Scout Character Building Patch Program®


The Respectful Patch is part of the Character Building Patch Program®.

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MakingFriends Patch Program®Respect Authority: Girl Scout Respectful Character Building Patch Program®This 2″ iron-on embroidered patch is part of our patch program®.


Be respectful. It’s a message we should continue to reinforce with children of all ages.


Respect Authority: Girl Scout Respectful Character Building Patch Program®Suggestions for how pre-teens and tweens can earn the Respectful patch:

Obeying Rules
Have your girls complete our download which asks girls to review a variety of rules to determine what happens if they do not respect authority.  Challenge your girls to come up with troop rules. Ask them to explain the reason for each rule and what the effect would be if they are not followed. For example they might choose to make a rule against using phones during troop meetings. Their reasons might include that it’s hard to get their activities completed if everyone is not paying attention. What do they think the consequences should be for not following the rules?


Respect Authority: Girl Scout Respectful Character Building Patch Program®

Suggestions for how teens can earn the Respectful patch:

Respect: Giving It and Earning It
Have your girls complete our download which asks them to review a variety of scenarios for renegotiating rules at home.  Challenge your girls to discuss rules they think are not fair and how to gain the respect to renegotiate.

Suggestions for Community Respect:

Spread the respect. Ask each of your girls to challenge a friend or family to pay attention to the signs around around them. On the road, in a park or at school or work. Ask them to think about why those signs may have been posted and to be respectful and follow the rules. For example, a sign in their local park may say no loud music. A reason for that could be that the park is for the enjoyment of everyone and people may find the music disruptive. At a pool, lake or beach this same rule could be in place to ensure everyone can hear the lifeguards in case of an emergency. Respecting a rule like this helps everyone enjoy a shared space and could keep people safer.

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