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Recruiter Fun Patch

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Our Recruiter Fun Patch is a great reward for your girls and your volunteers!

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2″ Embroidered Iron-On Fun Patch.

Ideas for recruitment:

1. Partner with local schools: Collaborate with schools to establish Girl Scout recruitment drives, where interested girls can learn about the organization and sign up for membership.

2. Community outreach programs: Organize events at community centers, libraries, and parks to spread awareness about Girl Scouts and invite girls to join. Offer interactive activities and demonstrations to showcase the benefits and values of being a Girl Scout.

3. Parent information sessions: Conduct informational sessions for parents to highlight the positive impact Girl Scouts can have on their daughters’ personal and leadership development. Explain the different programs, activities, and opportunities available within the organization.

4. Collaborate with local organizations: Seek partnerships with other youth-focused organizations, such as after-school programs, sports clubs, and cultural groups, to cross-promote Girl Scouts. This can be done through shared marketing materials, joint events, or guest speaking opportunities.

5. Utilize social media: Leverage popular social media platforms to reach out to potential Girl Scout participants. Create engaging content, share success stories of current Girl Scouts, and provide information on how to join or get involved.

6. School assemblies and presentations: Arrange visits to schools, where Girl Scout representatives can conduct engaging assemblies or presentations to educate girls about the benefits and opportunities offered by the organization. This can include testimonials from current members and demonstrations of exciting activities.

7. Host open house events: Organize open house events at local Girl Scout centers or meeting places, where girls and their families can explore the facilities, meet current members, and participate in fun, hands-on activities. Provide information on troop formation and registration during these events.

8. Girl Scout alumnae involvement: Connect with former Girl Scouts who are now adults and encourage them to share their positive experiences with girls and parents. Their stories can inspire potential new members and highlight the long-term impact of Girl Scouts.

9. Targeted advertising: Develop targeted marketing campaigns aimed at specific demographics to increase diversity and inclusivity within Girl Scouts. This may include advertising in publications or media outlets that reach underrepresented communities or creating materials in multiple languages. Ask local media about no-cost advertising opportunities.

10. Collaboration with local businesses: Seek partnerships with local businesses to display Girl Scout recruitment materials or host recruitment events at their premises. Engage with businesses that align with the Girl Scout values and offer mutually beneficial opportunities.

11. School newsletters and bulletin boards: Reach out to schools and ask to have recruitment information featured in their newsletters, on bulletin boards, or through online platforms commonly used by students and parents.

12. Parent-teacher organizations: Attend parent-teacher organization meetings to present information about Girl Scouts and address any questions or concerns. Provide registration materials and share success stories to highlight the organization’s benefits.

13. Community events and fairs: Set up booths or interactive displays at community events, fairs, or festivals. Offer fun activities that align with Girl Scout values and provide information about joining.

14. Peer-to-peer recruitment: Encourage current Girl Scouts to invite their friends to join the organization. Organize “bring a friend” events or offer incentives for referring new members.

15. Collaboration with local media: Reach out to local newspapers, radio stations, and television channels to feature stories or interviews about Girl Scouts and their impact on the community. This can generate interest and inspire girls and families to get involved.

Remember to always tailor recruitment efforts to the specific needs and interests of your local community.

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