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Outdoor Cooking Patch Program®

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Scout outdoor skills patch groupOne of the patches in our outdoor skills patch group. Order the group and save or order only what you need. Download the suggested requirements below and print the downloads from your order confirmation. They will not be sent with the patches.

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MakingFriend Patch Program®This 2″ iron-on embroidered patch is part of our patch program®.


The most challenging part of camping with a group of kids is figuring out what to cook. Picky eaters, dietary restrictions and allergies can make it almost impossible to plan meals. We’ve put together recipes that are kid-friendly and can be easily customized for individual needs.

Here are some recipes that are easy and can be prepped ahead of time. Many of these dishes use the same items to make them more cost effective and allow the kids to choose their own ingredients. It has been shown that children who help meal decisions and participate in the preperation are more likely to try new foods and make healthier choices.

Whenever possible, such as with tin foil meals, lay out all options and allow children to go down the line and make selection of protein, carbs and and vegetables.





Suggestions for how younger children can earn the Outdoor Cooking Patch:

Before you go camping:

  1. Scout Outdoor Cooking Download for Allergens and picky eaters.Print the first 2 pages of the download from your order confirmation. Campers should fill them out at home with a caregiver. One is for allergens and food sensitivity the other is menu choices and options.
  2. Learn about eating better at myplate.gov and crack the secret code.
  3. Help prep some food ahead of time.

When you go camping:

  1. Learn how to cook something on a stick over an open fire such as hot dogs.
  2. Make your own foil packet meals.
  3. Take a turn cooking on a grill.
  4. Use a dunk bag.
  5. Help with clean up.

Suggestions for how older children can earn the Outdoor Cooking Patch:

Campfire Cooking Patch Program DownloadsBefore you go camping:

Download the worksheets from your order confirmation.

  1. Learn about food safety and test your knowledge with our crossword puzzle.
  2. Using worksheet, find out how to cook with different methods over a fire including what kind of equipment you need and if it will be available on your camping trip. With your troop, choose at least three methods to try on your camping trip:
  • Cooking on a Stick
  • Grill Grate over Fire
  • Pie Irons
  • Dutch Oven
  • Rotissere
  • Foil Packettes
  • Cooking Tripod
  • Sandwich Basket

3. With your group, choose the menu and make a shopping list. Download our worksheet or use your own. If possible participate in the shoppping.

4. Help prep food such as cutting vegetables and partitioning and wrapping for meals.

When you go camping:

  1. Participate in cooking with at least 3 different methods chosen before your trip.
  2. Check for food safety issues regularly.

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