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Rededication 23-24 Fun Patch

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Give them this Rededication patch as a remembrance of your girls commitment to scouting.

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2″ Embroidered Iron-On Fun Patch.

A rededication is important as it reaffirms a scout’s commitment to the values of the organization, fosters personal growth, and strengthens her connection to the sisterhood of scouts.

Here are some ideas for your Girl Scout rededication ceremony:

1. Opening Ceremony: Begin the ceremony with a flag ceremony, reciting the Girl Scout Promise and Law, and singing the Girl Scout song.
2. Reflection and Renewal: Have a moment of reflection where girls can share their favorite memories from their time as Girl Scouts and express what being a Girl Scout means to them.
3. Candle Lighting: Use candles to symbolize the renewal of the Girl Scout spirit. Each girl can light her candle from a central flame and share a personal rededication statement.
4. Symbolic Actions: Incorporate symbolic actions like tying friendship knots, exchanging bracelets or charms, or presenting rededication pins or certificates to mark the occasion.
5. Community Service Pledge: Encourage girls to make a pledge to give back to their community as part of their rededication. They can brainstorm and commit to specific service projects for the coming year.
6. Girl Scout Traditions: Highlight the rich history of Girl Scouts by sharing stories of Juliette Gordon Low, the founder, and other inspiring Girl Scout role models. Incorporate traditions such as the Friendship Circle or the Girl Scout Handshake.
7. Guiding Words: Ask each girl to choose a word or phrase that represents a value or goal they want to focus on during the upcoming year. Have them write it down or create a craft with it to keep as a reminder.
8. Special Guest Speaker: Invite a guest speaker, such as a local community leader or a former Girl Scout who has made a positive impact, to share their experiences and inspire the girls.
9. Song and Dance: Teach the girls a new Girl Scout song or dance that they can perform together as a group during the ceremony. Encourage participation and enthusiasm.
10. Closing Circle: End the ceremony with a closing circle, where all participants hold hands, share a positive message, and express their commitment to living the Girl Scout Promise and Law.

Remember to tailor the ceremony to fit your specific troop’s needs and preferences. Adapt and customize these ideas to create a meaningful and memorable rededication ceremony for your Girl Scout troop.


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    Adorable! Perfect for my Juniors.

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    Pretty patch and arrived quickly

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