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I heart GS Fun Loop Bracelet Kit

Product Number: MF-6352

This kit will be your troop’s favorite Girl Scout craft of all time! Make without a loom using foamie marshmallows and push pins.


Kit makes 30 bracelets


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Our Kit Includes:

  • Approximately 1000 Fun Loops
  • Approximately 40 Plastic Connectors
  • 30 Sets of Beads “I Heart GS”


We used a foamie marshmallow and push pins.  Crochet hooks can also be helpful.

fun-loop-tutorial1 fun-loop-tutorial2 fun-loop-tutorial3 fun-loop-tutorial4

fun-loop-tutorial5 fun-loop-tutorial6 fun-loop-tutorial7

1. Push two push pins into a foamie marshmallow as shown above. (image 1)

2. Loop one of the fun loops around the push pins in a figure 8. This is the only loop that will be place in the figure 8 position. (image 2)

3. Loop another fun loop above the first one but NOT in a figure 8. (image 3)

4. Using a crochet hook or your fingers, grab the bottom loop on one side and pull it up and over the top of the push pin. Repeat for the other side of the bottom loop. (image 4)

5. Continue adding additional loops and pulling the bottom loop up and over so a chain begins to form. (image 5)

6. After about ten loops, you will start adding letters. Starting backwards with the letter “S” bead, fold a fun loop in half and push it through hole in the bead. (image 6)

7. Loop the fun loop with the letter bead around the push pins. Pull the bottom loop up and over. (image 7)

8. Weave in a plain loop then the “G” bead. Follow it with a plain loop, then the “Heart” bead. Then the “I’ bead. Weave in about 10 more loops.

9.Carefully remove the bracelet from the push pins and use your nail to push both sides of the last loop through a plastic connector clip. Push both side of the first loop through the connector.

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1 review for "I heart GS Fun Loop Bracelet Kit"

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    When my daughter saw that I ordered this craft, her first response was – “Mom, looms are so LAST YEAR!” Boy was she wrong! Our Junior girls loved doing them! The bracelets were easy to make and they loved the marshmallow and pushpin idea as a portable loom maker. Great product, as usual, from Making Friends!

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