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Fresh Air Adventure Badge in a Bag® — Updated 9/23/16 Limited Supply

Product Number: MF-7011

product-check-markCan be done in 7 meetings, a weekend or one day.

With the Fresh Air Adventure Badge in a Bag® from MakingFriends®.com your girls can complete their Cadette Breathe JOURNEY* for less than $2.00 per girl per meeting!


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5 $21.00 $105.00 14 $16.21 $227.00
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8 $18.75 $150.00 17 $16.06 $273.50
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Price above includes $10.00 for 1 troop kit.

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Cadette Fresh Air Journey Troop Kit (Order 1 for up to 18 girls)

Contains instructions and supplies for group projects. You will also need a girl's bag for each girl.

$10.00 each

Cadette Fresh Air Journey Number of girls:

Not recommended to order more than 18 without an additional troop kit.

$18.00 each

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Out of stock

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You’ll love the Fresh Air Adventure Badge in a Bag® from MakingFriends®.com! Our kit provides step-by-step instructions for you to guide your girls in completing their Cadette Breathe JOURNEY*. The program was designed to provide economical, hands-on activities to enhance the girls’ experience and to make your time as a volunteer enjoyable and stress-free.

From your local store, you’ll want to pick up a copy of the Cadette Breathe JOURNEY* book and set of awards for each girl. You’ll also need some basic craft supplies like scissors, glue and paint. Everything else is included.

Projects and games are age-appropriate, designed especially so girls can have plenty of fun while they learn about responsibility.

Our Kit Includes…

For Your Troop:

  • Step by step Instructions
  • Recap Chart for Review of Their Journey
  • 12 Plastic Cups with Lids for the Girl’s “Smell” Activity
  • Project Planning Poster
  • Assorted Sequins
  • Over 25 Breathe Take Action Project ideas!

For Each Girl:

  • Fresh Air Booklet with Peel and Stick Labels
  • Cinnamon Sticks
  • Roll of Duct Tape
  • Kite Kit with Award Certificate
  • Spray Bottle and Labels
  • Cardboard Box
  • Wooden Wind Chimes
  • Mini Assorted Noise Maker
  • Supplies for Hovercraft Experiment
  • Free Embroidered Patch

Included Activities:

  • Make a Pen Holder
  • Make a Kite
  • Make a Wind Sock
  • Make a Chemical-free Cleaning Product
  • Make a Wind Chime
  • Decorate a Flying Disc

The Seven Parts…

The first six parts can be done in 1 to 1 1/2 hours each. You can finish each part during a meeting or plan day-long event or a troop sleep-over to the complete it in a weekend.
The included activities will fulfill the JOURNEY* requirements and guide you and your girls to choosing a take action project.
The seventh meeting will take place after the girls have completed their take action project.

Why Choose This JOURNEY*…

Our Fresh Air Adventure Badge in a Bag® is the perfect choice for troops who are working on their Cadette Breathe JOURNEY*. By exploring how air quality effects all  of our senses your girls will be guided into planning a project to prevent pollution from affecting their air quality.


*MakingFriends®.com is not affiliated with, endorsed by or a licensee of Girl Scouts of the USA


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Weight 1.25 lbs
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Cadette Fresh Air Journey Troop Kit (Order 1 for up to 18 girls)

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
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Cadette Fresh Air Journey Number of girls:

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
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14 reviews for "Fresh Air Adventure Badge in a Bag® -- Updated 9/23/16 Limited Supply"

  1. :

    Made our Journey in a Day so easy and stress free! We will use again!

  2. :

    I’ve been working on the Breathe Journey for 2 months and the girls are bored out of their minds. This kit makes it
    so much more fun.

  3. :

    Missing items

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      So sorry, Please give us a call to let us know what your are missing.

  4. :

    This kit had everything we needed to complete our Journey! No money wasted on extras, the girls loved it! The convenience was well worth the money.

  5. :

    This kit has everything we need for the journey. It made things very easy. Loved it!!!

  6. :

    Very convenient and worked well for my troop.

  7. :

    I am in love with this Journey in a Bag set! It is perfect for our service unit Journey series! Very affordable and there’s no worrying about not having enough supplies for each girl :D

  8. :

    I lead a multi-level troop and these Journey in a bag have helped so that each level could complete a Journey without so much work on my part. The Cadettes LOVED this Journey! The best part: the activites are totally different from the Amaze journey in a bag. While I love them many of the younger age journey in a bag kits follow the same theme (Like all the Daisy ones have bucket and hats/masks etc) But Making Friends Nailed it with this one. A girl bags are a little pricy, but it is worth it in the time and energy I saved in planning it all.

  9. :

    I was excited to receive this kit! I loved everything that came with the kits. Not once did any of the girls roll their eyes! We had 10 Cadettes for Journey in a Day and I am glad we did this in one day because the girls were so excited to move on to the next thing! I was worried about the girls thinking it was too much or not enough but like Goldilocks said, “It was just right!”.

  10. :

    My whole troop really enjoyed the activities in this set up. Made things much more fun. Now on to the service project.

  11. :

    My service unit used this kit for our half-day camp. It made planning soooo easy! The program helped with staying focused and on track & the crafts were a huge hit with the girls :)

  12. :

    We have not finished this Journey as of this writing but I found the wind chimes difficult for the girls to make as he embroidery thread provided to string the chimes constantly knotted on the girls. Other items in the kit are rather cheap and not worth the money paid.

  13. :

    We just finished up our TAP project. I can’t tell you how good this was to help the girls choose there project and organize there ideas. it step-by-steped us through the whole process. Loved it!

  14. :

    We just did Steps 1 – 5 in a single day and your kits were great! The girls loved every part of it, and wouldn’t let me skip a single line. The crafts were a lot of fun and the fact that each section had a craft made them look forward to each part. Watching the girls running around trying to fly kites was hysterical and I even have evidence of them cleaning with their homemade cleaning supplies. The only thing that really didn’t work was the hovercraft. The plastic plates were too heavy and tore easily. It would be good to have spare parts in the adult kit, or at least a note suggesting to bring extras. Another suggestion would be the smell containers. They need to be leak proof! We were able to do each part #1 -4 in about 75 – 90 minutes. Part 5 only took 45 minutes. In between we went on a hike, had a singalong, and had an archery lesson. A long but productive day.

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