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Camping Recipe Download

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Nine-page download with recipes for camping success. Great to use with the Camping Badge in a Bag® from MakingFriends®.com to help complete the Junior* Camper badge.


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Requires the free version of Adobe Acrobat to download.

36 reviews for "Camping Recipe Download"

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    Great little recipe booklet

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    Great recipes!!

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    I have not looked through this yet, but I am sure that it will be a good resource since I have never received something that wasn’t done well!

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    Great resource for camp and unit meetings

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    I could not get it to print

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    I have got to say that these are absolutely awesome! I love these cards! This is going to make our Junior Simple Meals and Eco Camper Badgework!

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    At some point we’ll be assembling camp cookbooks and yours will be a great example to follow. I love the concept of the way the cards were made- thanks for sparking some ideas!

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    The girls love cooking new things an these recipes work well for them

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    These are the basic camping recipes for Girl Scouts. I think most girls would like them. There’s enough room for you to put in 4 extra recipes that your troop likes. You could either put in the extra recipes and make copies for everyone or you could allow the girls to write in their favorite recipes from a camping weekend. It’s a nice start for the girls’ camping recipe collection.

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    The girls really liked going over each recipe and deciding which ones they want to make during our next overnight adventure. Looks like cheesy corn dogs, coffee can stew, armpit fudge and banana boat s’mores. They are also creating some new recipes to write down on the blank cards!

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