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Breat Cancer Awareness Girl Scout SWAPs

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  • Breat Cancer Awareness Girl Scout SWAPs

Breast Cancer Awareness Angel Pin

Product Number: MF-13

For fundraising or to increase awareness, here’s an economical kit to make pretty angel pins.


Kit makes 60 SWAP pins

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Product Description

Our Kit Includes:

  • Safety Pins
  • Angel Beads
  • Satin Cord
  • Heart Shaped Pony Beads


halfhitchCut satin cord into a 12″ length. Stiffen the ends with white glue. Half hitch to safety pin by folding cord in half and placing the folded end down through the middle of the safety pin and drawing the cord ends down through the folded end loop. Diagram at right shows how a half hitch looks on a key ring.

Pull tight. Slide a heart shaped pony bead up both cords and push it up tight to half hitch. String on the angel bead pushing the left cord through the left side of the bead and the right cord through the right side of the bead. Slide a another heart shaped pony bead up both cords and push it up to the angle bead. Tie an overhand knot tightly under the bead. Trim cords.

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 in
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