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Bottle Cap Map Kit for Swapping

Product Number: MF-1299

Choose your country for Thinking Day* then choose these tags to swap at your event. Every country available.


small-swap-tagsKit makes 30


SWAP* Tags are not included.



Every country available

Enter name of country

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Kit Includes:

  • Bottle Caps
  • Jewelry Craft Pins
  • Rhinestones
  • Peel and Stick Country Labels


Peel and stick the printed country label into a bottle cap. Glue a rhinestone onto the map. On the back of the bottle cap glue one jewelry craft pin. If you are using optional SWAP* tags, write your message on the tag and slide onto the pin. Close pin.

Additional information

Weight0.75 lbs
Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 in
Item Number


11 reviews for "Bottle Cap Map Kit for Swapping"

  1. :

    The kit was easy to assembly and the kids loved it.

  2. :

    We used these swaps for World Thinking Day and they were so easy to do and everyone loved them!!

  3. :

    Looked great when finished. I wouldn’t recommend doing them with scissors. You’ll need the 1″ hole punch.

  4. :

    The circles had to be cut out then cut down. By the time girls tried couple of time image was distorted.

  5. :

    This swap did need help from an adult, but we had fun together talking about the Bahamas while we were putting them all together. Especially adding the pink sparkle! This swap was just perfect in so many ways 1) Journey the World 2) We had a trip already planned that we were traveling to the Bahamas as a family within the next month. 3) Helped to make it a memorable time all around. Looking forward to having her pick a different country to learn about next year.

  6. :

    Great, quick and impressive swap! There were several packets that were 2 pins short, but we ordered so many, we were fine.

  7. :

    They were easy and fun for the girls to make. We had to make 120 of them for WTD and we were done in no time.

  8. :

    The craft itself was easy to assemble and looked very nice when completed, however, we had the country, the Philippines. The name of the country was misspelled on our craft. I did not have time to re-order the item, so we went with it, but my fourth grade scouts noticed the error right away. I can only imagine others did as well.

  9. :

    This is a very cute swap.

  10. :

    We were so clad to receive these swaps for world thinking day, and the girls had fun putting them together

  11. :

    I helped my daughter to select this swap as we will be traveling to Nassau, Bahamas to meet some amazing children through one of the clients I work for, with my work-at-home employment. And my family is able to travel with me on this journey – so I’ve been sharing more with my daughter about this and she was so eager to put the swap together – easiest thing ever once we had a 1″ punch.

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