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Back to Scouting Fun Patch

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What a nice surprise to start the year off with a Back to Scouting fun patch for the back of your girls’ vests. These are dated so they will sell fast.

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2″ Embroidered Iron-On Fun Patch.

Ideas for your first meeting back:

1. Let’s kick off the year with a “Guess the Baby Picture” game. Bring your adorable childhood photos, and we’ll try to match each one with the correct person. Prepare for some hilarious surprises!

2. How about an icebreaker activity that involves writing New Year’s resolutions for famous celebrities? Let your creativity run wild as you imagine what resolutions Beyoncé or Tom Hanks might have for the upcoming year.

3. Let’s embrace our inner detectives and organize a team-building murder mystery party. Everyone can dress up as quirky characters, and we’ll solve a thrilling whodunit together. Don’t forget to practice your best suspicious glances!

4. It’s time for a little friendly competition! Let’s create a “Build the Tallest Tower” challenge using only spaghetti and marshmallows. Watch out for collapsing structures and marshmallow thieves!

5. We’ll put our artistic skills to the test with a collaborative painting session. Each person gets a small canvas, and we rotate them every few minutes. By the end, we’ll have a unique masterpiece created by the whole team.

6. Get ready for some hilarious moments with a “Blindfolded Taste Test” challenge. Bring various snacks or drinks with different flavors, blindfold the participants, and let them guess what they’re tasting. Who can identify the most mystery treats?

7. Let’s bring out our inner child with a “Bring Your Favorite Childhood Game” day. Dust off those board games, card decks, or even your old Game Boy, and let the nostalgia-filled fun begin. Prepare for fierce battles and unforgettable laughter!

8. Break the ice with a “Two Truths and a Lie” game, but with a twist. Each person will write down two true facts and one outrageous lie about themselves. We’ll have to guess which one is the fib and share funny stories related to our experiences.

9. Start the year off on a healthy note by organizing a team yoga or dance session. Let’s stretch, sway, and maybe even attempt some tricky moves. Don’t worry if you’re not a pro—the laughter and energy will be contagious!

10. Finally, let’s wrap up the meeting with a group photo booth extravaganza. Set up a fun backdrop, provide quirky props, and strike your best poses. These pictures will be cherished memories of the first meeting in the new year!

Remember, the goal is to have fun, bond, and create an atmosphere of excitement for the year ahead. Enjoy the activities and let the laughter flow!

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