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  • Girl Scout Cupcake Fun Patch
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    Cupcake Patch

    Baking them, decorating them, eating them… what’s not fun about cupcakes? Have a local baker share their skills and tips with your girls so they can learn tips and tricks for baking and decorating cupcakes. Your troop or service unit can host a contest for the girls or make it a scout and someone special event. Cupcake decorating is also a great activity for your recruitment event. Like the patch says, get the girls together and have some Cupcake Fun!

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  • Girl Scout Healthy Cooking Patch

    Healthy Cooking Patch

    Help your girls review their favorite recipes and make adjustments for a healthier diet. Some culinary schools and restaurants offer trips where your girls can learn about cooking healthy. The Healthy Cooking patch from MakingFriends®.com shows your girls have learned to make better choices by preparing healthy meals.

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    Vegan Patch

    Help your scouts learn the difference between vegan and vegetarian.

    • Ask a nutritionist to visit with your troop to talk about what a healthy vegan diet includes.
      • What are the health benefits of a vegan diet?
      • Is a vegan diet beneficial for anyone?
      • What vitamins and minerals can be affected by a vegan diet?
    • Invite someone who follows a vegan diet to attend a meeting to talk about their experience.
      • Do they find it challenging to order in restaurants?
      • Do they need to bring their own food to family gatherings if extended family does not also eat vegan?
      • Are there any foods that aren’t vegan that would surprise us? ex: are s’mores vegan?
    • Help your girls prepare vegan snacks to enjoy together during a troop meeting or take a trip to a vegan restaurant.


    Give your scouts the Vegan Patch from MakingFriends®.com to show they understand what a vegan diet is and are able to make accommodations for friends or family that are vegan.

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  • Baking Fun Patch
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    Baking Patch — Mixer

    Help your scouts progress from prepared mixes to baking from scratch and then to more complicated techniques.

    Younger scouts will enjoy baking cupcakes and cookies from mixes. Older scouts might be ready to bake from scratch and try pies and pastries after mastering cakes and cookies.

    After learning new baking skills, the Baking patch from MakingFriends®.com is a fun addition to their uniform.

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    Simple Meals Badge in a Bag® – LIMITED SUPPLY

    bulkpack6Five fun projects are included in the Simple Meals Badge in a Bag® from MakingFriends®.com to “spice up” their Junior Simple Meals badge-earning experience.


    Your girls will look and feel like chefs when they cook in their apron and hats. Print our free recipe cards and add your own to the recipe card holder.

    product-check-markIndividual packaging also available.
    product-check-markSuitable for independent girls
    product-check-markGirls Favorite


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  • Girl Scout Pancake Breakfast Fun Patch

    Pancake Breakfast Patch

    Whether they make, serve or attend a pancake breakfast, this cute patch will remind them of their special event or trip.

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  • Girl Scout Baking Fun Patch

    Baking Patch (cupcake)

    Our Baking patch looks good enough to eat! Spend some time with your group baking a delicious dessert and top it off with our “Baking Fun” Patch from MakingFriends®.com.

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  • Girl Scout Cookie Fun Patch

    Cookie Patch (Tree)

    Make cookies this year with your troop. Make extra batches to bring on a visit or drop off to a senior or veteran’s home, hospital, or emergency services.

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  • Cooking fun Patch

    Cooking Patch

    Remember the fun your troop had making cooking for themselves, for guest or for community service with the Cooking Fun patch from MakingFriends®.com.

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