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  • Buddy Bench Fun Patch

    Buddy Bench Patch

    Buddy benches are all about making new friends so it’s no wonder that it’s such a popular scout community service project. The idea is that someone who has no one to hang out with can sit down and someone will come and play with them. Co-ordinate with your school administrators to create a buddy bench for your school play ground. This patch from MakingFriends®.com shows your scouts created this great project to help kids make new friends.

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  • Girl Scout Allergy Awareness Patch
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    Allergy Awareness Patch

    Food allergies can be quite serious. Your troop can learn about, and help spread awareness about, the seriousness of food allergies with their community. Scouts of every age can learn the importance of not trading or sharing foods without knowing if someone has food allergies and what is in the food they want to share. Remind them to ask an adult if they aren’t sure. This patch from MakingFriends®.com on their vest to help get the conversation started with others.

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  • Girl Scout Autism Awareness Patch
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    Autism Awareness Patch

    Just like each person is unique, each person with autism is also unique. Help your troop to understand that those with autism might communicate in different ways. They have special gifts and talents just like each of the members of their troop. Remind them that kids with autism like birthdays, playing and having friends. Someone with autism might need extra compassion and more people to take the time be their friend. Reach out to your local Autism Society chapter to see if you can arrange for a guest speaker, video or literature to help your troop learn more. The Autism Awareness patch from MakingFriends®.com makes a great addition to any scout uniform and might even give your scouts an opening to share what they’ve learned with others.

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  • Upcycled Caroling Patches
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    Caroling 2018 Patch – LIMITED SUPPLY !

    The bright and cheery Caroling 2018 patch from MakingFriends®.com is perfect for all levels. After caroling in the neighborhood, at an event or for community service, your girls will love adding this to their vest!

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  • Girl Scout Ornament Fun Patch
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    Ornament Patch–Balls

    Brighten up your troop’s holiday with a fun craft project and this great patch from MakingFriends®.com. Your scouts can create hand made ornaments for their families and for service! Host an ornament making event with your local seniors, veterans, hospital or other charity or make them ahead of time and bring along when they go visit. Of course this also just makes for a fun activity during your troop or service unit holiday celebration. Hand made ornaments also make a great fundraiser.

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  • Girl Scout Wreath Making Fun Patch
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    Wreath Making Patch

    A fun way for your troop to celebrate the season is making wreaths. It’s a great craft project to make as gifts for their family, for community service or as a fund raiser. Of course they will want a patch to remember their creations during the holiday season.

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  • Girl Scout Adopt a Grandparent Patch
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    Adopt a Grandparent Patch

    Your girls can go beyond a visit to a nursing home, assisted living or veteran’s facility. Help them get more involved by adopting a grandparent. Schedule regular troop visits or write letters so the girls can connect. Plan a few activities. Perhaps a movie or game night will be fun for all. A patch reminds them that they made a connection!

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  • Girl Scout Animal Advocate Patch Program

    Animal Advocate Patch Program

    Boys and girls who are passionate about keeping animals safe will want to earn the Animal Advocate patch!

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  • Girl Scout Book Drive Fun Patch
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    Book Drive Patch

    Book drives are a great service to your local shelter, community center, hospital and more. A Book Drive patch will remind your girls of their hard work.

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