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Free Printables

Cadette Girl Scout Comic Artist

Get help with your badge work, journeys or just for fun. We have pages and pages to print… something for every level.

Fun Fact: Origami is the art of paper folding. Kerigami is the art of paper folding and cutting.

Superhero Paper Dolls

Superhero Paper Dolls, one for each part of the law.


Superhero Coloring Pages

Ten different superhero coloring pages one for each part of the law.

Printables for Earning Badges and Journeys

Don’t miss our inspirational teen role models printable– great for every level!



From easy camping recipes to international tasting recipes and everything in between.


Word Puzzles
Mad-libs, crosswords, word searches and more…


International Printables

Print Girl Guide coloring pages, Country Fact Cards, Tags fir Swapping and more.

Printable Calendars

End you parent excuses! Print one each month with troop reminders.


Fun and Games and Coloring

Just print and play or color! Great coloring pages and games for your holiday parties and getting some excitement going at your events.


Daisy Coloring Pages

Lots to choose from here, for learning the promise, the law and your petals.

Petal Coloring Pages

Flower Friends coloring pages, for learning the promise, the law and your petals.

Petal Maze Pages

Fun mazes, for learning the promise, the law and your petals.


Law Coloring Book

This is a great way to review the law with your girls.

Superhero Maze Pages

Ten different superhero maze puzzles. One for each part of the law.

Superhero Word Search Pages

Ten different superhero word search pages. One for each part of the law.


Juliette Low Coloring Book

Teach your troop all about Juliette Low.


Paper Doll Friends

Always popular, we have dozens of themes to choose from.