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Making Friends Badge in a Bag®

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bulkpacks-12With the Making Friends Badge in a Bag® from MakingFriends®.com your girls will get to know each other better, learn problem solving and squelch any sign of bullying and early cliques.


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Perfect for new troops or troops with new girls! Using the Making Friends Badge in a Bag® from MakingFriends®.com, your girls can complete five requirements for the Brownie “Making Friends” badge. Check out our free paper dolls to help you complete the requirements.

You can also see the Making Friends Badge in a Bag® being completed by Brownie and Daisy Troop using this link: Making Friends Badge for Brownie Girls – Badge in a Bag Kit from


  1. Make 3 SWAPs (Embroidered Patches, Pony Beads, Coiless Pins)
  2. Friendship Bracelet (4′ Satin Cord, Pony Beads)
  3. Wiggle Eye Finger Puppet (Shown with Optional Yarn)
  4. Friendship Work Sheet (Pre-Printed)
  5. MakingFriends Paper Doll (Pre-Cut Body, Blank Paper for Invitation, Printed Clothes and Hair) (Shown with Optional Yarn Hair)

(Colors and styles may vary from photo shown.)

small-swap-tagsYou’ll also need:

  • Pencil or Pen and Crayons
  • Scissors and Glue
  • SWAP* tags
  • Masking Tape
  • Yarn and Fabric Scraps (optional)
  • Glue Dotsyarn-hair (optional)

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12 reviews for "Making Friends Badge in a Bag®"

  1. :

    Our troop of 12 loved this kit!

  2. :

    This has some fairly fun projects for the girls to do.

  3. :

    This was a fun project to do. I told the girls to use their finger puppets and role play with each other on how to make a friend they had fun with that.

  4. :

    Best thing ever. It is all there and the girls really love them Sure makes my job easier. Wish they had Badge in a Bag for all the badges.

  5. :

    We combined 2 daisy troops when they bridged brownies. Just had our first get-together and spent the day with girls and families at a get to know each other bbq. While the leader had our parents meeting, I did some of the activities with the girls. What a great time we had!. Only 2 problems, there were siblings who wanted to join in and I didn’t prepare for that. And it was a little breezy. The projects would be better for inside.

  6. :

    I have a junior troop but got coaxed into taking on a Brownie troop of wait-listed girls. I dont know the new brownie program and don’t have alot of free time. This was the best thing for me and my girls. I didn’t have to spend any time planning. The girls had fun interacting and really, really enjoyed a earning their first badge. Heres how I worked it out: I had scissors and glue from my Jr troop. Collected $2 dues from each girl for the 2 meeting The first meeting we did the Worksheet and the bracelets. The girls really liked the worksheet, went around asking each other the questions and filling out the blanks. Some of the girls have made friendship bracelets and had no trouble with knotting but others just tied random knots and laced on the beads. The second meeting, the girls were kinda giggly and giddy so the finger puppets were not really the learning experience they might have beeen. The swaps were a big hit. The girls each wanted to keep one some I’m glad the kit came with 3 per girl. We sent out the others to the on-line address. Can’t wait to see what we get back. For the paper doll invitations, the girls decided to invite their families to the end of a year party. The girls had a blast making up their paper dolls and dressing them in uniforms. The wrote the party info on the green paper and glued them to the dolls. I would definately recommend this and will do more of these kits.

  7. :

    I bought this kit for my brownie troop, and told everyone to bring a friend that wants to join scouts. We did the activities and girls got to make new friends as well as introduce girls to scouts. I recommend this kit for something like that or for the start of your year to help the girls get to know each other. My girls loved the wiggly eyes and everyone had a smile on their face the whole time.

  8. :

    This Badge is great if you have a lot of new girls and no one knows each other. They will get to know each other and work together to put together a skit using the puppets they make. I personally loved the finger puppets. I think that was my girls favorite part as well. The friendship bracelets directions were a bit confusing but Once I figured it out the girls had no problem making the braclets. I will be using more of these kits in the future.

  9. :

    We had a camp overnight and this was the first real event for us as Brownies. We just bridged a few weeks prior. We were partnered up with another Brownie troop within our Service Unit. We worked through the MakingFriends Badge in a Bag and we exchanged the bracelets with the other girls and made “new friends”. Everyone had so much fun.

  10. :

    My Brownie troop loves the activities and I love the convenience of having everything needed at my fingertips and planned out for me. It is flexible enough to allow for my own creativity, so the program never feels scripted. Thanks!

  11. :

    I changed up the Practice Friendship. After brainstorming qualities of a good friend, the Brownies made a “Friendship Kit”. We talked about how each object in this kit symbolizes a facet of friendship. This kit is meant for them to give to someone they consider a special friend as the final step in the “practicing friendship” step. I might suggest having future girls make this kit and include what each piece represents in friendship. A Life saver – Is to remind you that sometimes we all need a little help A Happy face – Smiling is contagious A Candle – Remember to share your light with others A Band Aid – To heal hurt feelings A Paper Clip – to help hold it all together A Toothpick – To help you “PICK” out the good qualities in others & yourself A Puzzle Piece – Because you’re an important piece in my life A Marble – To replace the ones you’ve lost A Pearl – Because you are as valuable as any precious stone! A Cotton Ball – Friends cushion the rough road A Chocolate Kiss – Is to comfort you when you’re feeling sad A Piece of Gum – Is to remind you that that we stick together and help each other A Rubber Band – Friends sometimes stretch us A Penny – is to remind you you’re one of a kind A Star – Is to remind you to shine and always try your best A Tissue – Is to remind you to help dry someone’s tears An Eraser – Is to remind you that everyone makes mistakes A Button – Friends “button up” and keep one another’s secrets, unless it’s a hurtful secret. A Rock/Pebble – Friends are a strong and rock-solid support. A Sponge – To soak up all the memories we’ve shared

  12. :

    It made things very easy for me. I work 45-50 hours a week and help as a leader. I was so happy to find this site

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