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Special Agent Badge in a Bag® — Single – CLEARANCE

Product Number: MF-515

One of the best learning experiences for your girls!

Your girls will have lots of fun with our kit, Special Agent Badge in a Bag® — Single from MakingFriends®.com, while earning the Cadette Special Agent badge.


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With the Special Agent Badge in a Bag® from MakingFriends®.com your girls can complete five requirements for the “Cadette Special Agent” badge. Individually packaged for your convenience.

  1. Learn About Fingerprints (Stamp Pad, Magnifying Glass, Fingerprint Card)
  2. Compare Shoe Prints (Fun Dough)
  3. Blood Splatter Analysis (Stage Blood, Eye Dropper)
  4. Understanding Expressions (Printed Worksheet)
  5. Make a Crime Scene Envelope (Kraft Envelope, Crime Scene Tape)

You’ll also need:

  • Paper
  • Craft Stick
  • Large Paper
  • Pencil or Pen
  • Scissors

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10 reviews for "Special Agent Badge in a Bag® -- Single - CLEARANCE"

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    This was a great project. We even contacted our local Forensics Unit to come out and allow the girls to dust for fingerprints. The girls had fun analyzing the blood spatter and being fingerprinted.

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    My troop – 6th grade did this activity yesterday. They enjoyed it. The other reviews said the putty provided in the kit was too small for a foot print, and I would agree. I stopped by the dollar store and purchased some cheap knock off play-doh to supplement. That was a good call. All the girls used 3 times as much as comes it the kit. For 3 dollars, I was able to turn a potential problem into a success.

    We had the girls take turns matching up the shoes with the prints. They liked that.

    Over all, the kit made the badge quick and easy.

    At end of the meeting, we had one girl play dead, and taped off the area around her body with the crime sceene tape. We covered her with the blood splattered papers, finger print papers, and put shoe marks around her. The girls got a laugh out of it.

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    My girls are Cadettes (6th graders) and while they had fun with this – especially the “blood” spatter activity! – they agreed that it was WAY too easy for their level. They thought it was more like Brownie level.

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    These kits are great. This one arrived with the ink leaking all over the contents. Kind of a mess. But the girls wouldn’t let me send it back. That’s how much they love these Badge in a Bag kits.

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    One of the badges that my girls really wanted to do was Special Agent. So, I got the badge in a bag and we went to work. The girls had fun with fingerprinting and making their shoe prints in clay dough, but I think their all time favorite part was the blood analysis. Highly recommend this kit for anyone looking to do this badge. For our “crime scene”, I had called one of the parents before the meeting to have her fingerprint her daughter as our suspect. Then I had the girls compare those prints with each of their cards. One girl almost guessed it correctly, because there was a special “tent arch” in the suspect’s prints. But, in the end, no one guessed it.

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    I love these kits. Everything is so fun and easy. We did this one like a CSI case. The girls had a blast.

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    Sorry for the negativity but a couple things were disappointing. Bent papers, envelope, and fingerprinting card, all probably only costing cents. The wrong color tape, a not-so-great magnifier that can be bought for cheap in bulk at party city, and the blood packet is pretty small. Over all for $12 (give or take), not including then the additional cost of shipping, it really wasn’t worth it. I paid basically for the convenience of the pre packaging and the shipping. There’s no way I would ever buy more than one at a time. I reproduced the kit for my troop at a fraction of the cost per girl. Buying one and the copying what’s inside is the way to go.

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    My girls enjoy this badge kit. I incorporated a few extra things to make sure to complete the badge steps but overall the items in the kit made the badge fun. I bought one and made printed copies to share to cut down cost. The stage blood comes in a small bag not a sealed container and the fun dough is small. I’ve rated the kit a 4 for good value based on the ease to use and fun value. Leaders, add in a game a CLUE to the whodunit part of the badge!

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