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  • Girl Scout Virtual Overnighter Patch Program
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    Virtual Overnighter Patch Program

    Don’t let COVID-19 stop your troop from overnight fun! While social distancing may prevent your girls from getting together in person, they can still have fun with a virtual overnighter.

    If you need helping deciding which virtual platform to use, take a look at our blog How to Hold Virtual Scout Meetings.

    Have the girls choose a theme and help them adapt their ideas for virtual fun. Camping makes a great theme for a virtual overnight event. See our suggested Camp Themed Activities below.


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  • Girl Scout I Poopsied Patch
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    I Poopsied Patch

    Your Scouts will have a great time making Unicorn Poop (rainbow glitter slime) with your troop. This I Poopsied patch will make it more special.

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    Build Patch

    Your scouts will have fun building together and completing different challenges. There are so many fun ideas. Here are just a few:

    • What’s the tallest structure they can create?
    • Can they build a bridge?
    • Have each scout build something and see if the others can identify what they created.

    After the fun don’t forget the Build Patch from MakingFriends®.com.

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    Vegan Patch

    Help your scouts learn the difference between vegan and vegetarian.

    • Ask a nutritionist to visit with your troop to talk about what a healthy vegan diet includes.
      • What are the health benefits of a vegan diet?
      • Is a vegan diet beneficial for anyone?
      • What vitamins and minerals can be affected by a vegan diet?
    • Invite someone who follows a vegan diet to attend a meeting to talk about their experience.
      • Do they find it challenging to order in restaurants?
      • Do they need to bring their own food to family gatherings if extended family does not also eat vegan?
      • Are there any foods that aren’t vegan that would surprise us? ex: are s’mores vegan?
    • Help your girls prepare vegan snacks to enjoy together during a troop meeting or take a trip to a vegan restaurant.


    Give your scouts the Vegan Patch from MakingFriends®.com to show they understand what a vegan diet is and are able to make accommodations for friends or family that are vegan.

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  • Girl Scout Summer Challenge Patch
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    Summer Challenge Patch – Unicorn

    Challenge your scouts to have a summer filled with fun and trying new things. With a wide variety of activities, our Summer Challenge will encourage kids to do something different each day.

    This Summer Challenge patch from MakingFriends®.com is cute and has activities that will appeal to younger girls.


    Older girls will enjoy the activities and beachy look of our Summer Challenge Patch.

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  • Girl Scout Pen Pal Fun Patch
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    Pen Pal Patch — Envelope and Pencil

    Who doesn’t get excited when they see a letter in the mailbox! Help your scouts experience the fun by encouraging them find pen pals.


    Remind your scouts they should not be contacting or communicating with anyone without their parents permission.


    Ask your scouts to set a goal for earning this cute Pen Pal Patch from MakingFriends®.com. Younger scouts may choose sending and receiving one pen pal letter as their goal. Older scouts might want to set their goal higher.


    Take a look at some ways for your scouts to find pen pals below.


    Did you know? June 1st is Pen Pal Day.

    Pen Pal Day was started by Rosie Tholl who has traveled around the world to visit many of her pen pals.

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  • Girl Scout Front Line Worker Support Patch
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    Front Line Worker Support Patch Program®

    Scouts are always looking for a way to help during difficult times. Thanking front line workers is a great way to help during the COVID-19 outbreak.

    The Front Line Worker Support patch is perfect for your scouts if your troop was able to donate cookies in support of front line workers.

    See our suggested requirements for earning the Front Line Worker Support patch or ask your scouts to come up with their own ideas for showing their appreciation.

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  • Girl Scout Virtual Bridging 2020 Patch
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    Virtual Bridging Patch Program®

    Most bridging ceremonies in the spring of 2020 will be virtual. Help your scouts remember that not even COVID-19 stopped them from celebrating this year with the Virtual Bridging patch.

    If you need helping deciding which virtual platform to use, take a look at our blog How to Hold Virtual Scout Meetings.

    See our suggestions for a virtual bridging ceremony below.

    Available later this month. Don’t miss out. Add to wait list to be notified when it comes in.

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  • Girl Scout Virtual Party Fun PAtch
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    Virtual Party Patch

    Your troop may not be able to meet face to face but you can still host a year end party! Set a time for your virtual celebration and ask each girl to bring their favorite snacks. Get together virtually and give the girls time to talk and eat and then turn up the music so they can all dance. Maybe they all have a game they would like to play together virtually. Help your scouts remember that not even COVID-19 stopped them from celebrating this year with the Virtual Party patch.


    If you need helping deciding which virtual platform to use, take a look at our blog How to Hold Virtual Scout Meetings.


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  • Girl Scout Drive By Party Patch
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    Drive By Party Patch

    End your scout year with a fun drive by party! Leaders can let parents know when they will be heading out to drive by each girl’s home. Decorate your cars and show your girls that even when you can’t meet face to face, you still want them to know you how much you think about them.

    The Drive By Party patch is a great way to remember the fun!

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  • Girl Scout Outdoor Adventure Fun Patch
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    Outdoor Adventure Patch

    How will your scouts earn the Outdoor Adventure Patch from MakingFriends®.com?

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  • Girl Scout She & Me Fun Patch Unicorns
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    She and Me Patch — Unicorns

    For that special event for your girls and that special lady in her life. The She and Me patch will remind them of the fun they had together.

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  • Girl Scout Campfire Fun Patch Marshmallows
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    Campfire Patch — Marshmallows

    S’mores, songs and skits around the campfire are all traditions. With this patch from MakingFriends®.com your girls will remember the fun times they had around the campfire!

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  • Girl Scout Inclusive Character Building Patch Program®
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    Inclusive: Character Building Patch Program®

    Designed for any troop interested in reviewing the law. Our suggested requirements include opportunities for scouts of every level to put the law into practice with activities tailored for their age.


    Girl Scout Character Building Patch Program®


    The Inclusive Patch is part of the Character Building Patch Program®.

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