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  • Girl Scout Crafting for Service Patch

    Crafting for Service Patch

    Your girls can combine their love for crafts and passion for community service by creating items to donate. Bring your favorite craft projects when visiting seniors, veterans or shelters. This pretty patch is a reminder of the thoughtfulness of your girls.

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  • Girl Scout Origami Patch

    Origami Patch

    Origami is a paper folding art form that your girls will have fun earning. Origami became popular in Japan as a recreational and ceremonial activity. The crane is the most recognizable origami project but there are many others your girls might like to try. Simpler projects your troop can work on include the bird shown below or a fish, corner bookmarks, paper boats and flowers. Your girls might want to progress to more difficult projects which could include elaborate flowers, peacocks and dragons.


    Whatever the level, the Origami patch is perfect to show your girls have take the time to learn the art of paper folding.



    If your troop enjoys origami, why not make a bunch and pair them with SWAP* tags to make fun crafts for trading.

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    Sewing for Service Patch

    The “Sewing for Service” Patch from MakingFriends®.com is a great way for your organization to announce that you are using your time and talents to better the lives of others.

    Your girls may have some ideas but if they need some inspiration they might like to try:

    • Adult bibs for a nursing home
    • Blankets or cushions for an animal shelter
    • Stuffed bear or bunny for children in shelter or hospital
    • Burp pads or bibs for a women’s shelter
    • Christmas stockings for a veteran’s home
    • Walker or wheelchair caddy for the more advanced sewer
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  • Girl Scout Machine Sewing Patch

    Machine Sewing Patch

    Your girls will appreciate learning how to use a sewing machine. While it’s a great skill for anyone to have, learning to sew on a machine can also help with future badge work. The Junior Independence* and Senior Room Makeover* and Science of Style* badges all have activities for which knowing how to use a sewing machine could be a great help. If you don’t have a machine or the skills, check with your local sewing or craft shop to see if they offer a trip. Ask around in your community too. There may be seamstresses or tailors who would love to be a guest at your troop meeting or event to share their skills.

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  • Girl Scout Community Garden Fun Patch

    Community Garden Patch

    A community garden can be for beautification or to provide food for a shelter or soup kitchen. Whatever the reason your girls participate in a community garden, they will appreciate this patch from MakingFriends®.com.

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  • Candle Making Fun Patch

    Candle Making Patch

    Candle making is a fun activity for girls. They can make them for fun, as a gift or even to use in a special ceremony. This eye catching patch is a great reminder of your girls learning something new.

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  • Girl Scout Healthy Cooking Patch

    Healthy Cooking Patch

    Help your girls review their favorite recipes and make adjustments for a healthier diet. Some culinary schools and restaurants offer trips where your girls can learn about cooking healthy. The Healthy Cooking patch from MakingFriends®.com shows your girls have learned to make better choices by preparing healthy meals.

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  • Build a Friend Fun Patch

    Build a Friend Patch

    Whether you are going to a store to build a friend or using kits at a troop meeting or service unit event for your scouts to create their own stuffed animal, the Build A Friend patch from MakingFriends®.com is sure to be a hit.

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  • Girl Scout Crafting with Seniors Patch

    Crafting with Seniors Patch

    On your next visit with senior citizens, plan a craft everyone can do together. A simple, fun craft is a great way to get the girls and seniors interacting while doing something everyone can enjoy.

    Help your girls remember the fun and joy they brought on their visit with the Crafting With Seniors Patch from MakingFriends®.com .

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