Earning Petals and Leaves

Earning petals using Scout Superhero downloads from MakingFriends®.com

Ideas for Earning Petals

Including the blue middle, there are eleven petals– each representing one part of the Girl Scout* Law. Plus there are four financial literacy leaves. Your girls can earn one petal each meeting during their first year in a troop while working on a Daisy JOURNEY*. You could also spread it out over the two years. We have many ideas for earning each petal. If you have your own idea please share it on our Facebook page!

Fun Fact: Building good self esteem starts when kids feel like they have achieved something meaningful.

Daisy Girl Scouts showing the promise sign.

Blue Middle

Honest and Fair
Light Blue Petal

Friendly & Helpful
Yellow Petaldaisys-considerate&caring

Considerate and Caring
Light Green Petal

Courageous and Strong Daisy Girl Scout

Courageous and Strong
Red Petal

Responsible for What I say and Do
Orange PetalDaisy Girl Scouts Making Bird Feeders from Recycled Materials.

Use Resources Wisely
Green Petal

Respect Authority
Magenta Petal

Respect Myself and Others
Purple Petal

Make the World a Better Place
Rose Petal


Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout
Violet Petal

Financial Literacy
Four Leaves

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