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  • Girl Scout Painting Badge Download for Brownies

    Painting Badge Download

    Part of our  “Real Woman” Series!

    Painting is fun! And it can also make you feel better. Painting can help you feel less anxious and give you a chance to explore your feelings.

    Spotlight is on Lauren Gravagna.
    Art Therapist

    Lauren is an Art Therapist. She works with people who have an illness or people who are recovering from an injury. It has been proven that art therapy can help speed up recovery.

    10% of the proceeds from this download go to Stony Brook Children’s Hospital.

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  • Girl Scout Real Women Hiking Download

    Hiking Badge Download

    Part of our  “Real Woman” Series!

    The US Army Corps of Engineers is a team of people responsible for protecting our parks and water and those who use them.


    Girl Scout Hiking WorkshopSpotlight is on Ranger Sylvia Chelf, Supervisory Park Ranger 


    As a Park Ranger for Alum Creek Lake in Ohio, she oversees the maintenance of the hiking trails, the water quality, the safety of the visitors and much more.


    Go to facebook.com/alumcreeklacke to find out more about being a park ranger. 10% of the proceeds for this download go to the SACCA

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  • Girl Scout Real Women Musician Badge Download

    Musician Badge Download

    Girl Scout Real Women Musician Badge DownloadSpotlight is on Jessica Gallone, Owner of Rock N Roll U.


    Music floods the brain with a feel-good chemical called dopamine. This chemical is associated with pleasure, motivation and reward. Whether you play an instrument, sing, dance, or simply enjoy listening to music, it can lift your spirits and make you feel good. No one knows this better than Jessica Gallone. She has always believed in the power of music to unite, uplift and inspire. Owning the Rock N Roll U perfectly melds her love of music and her professional experience as a social worker by connecting with others through music.


    To find out more about Jessica, go to RNRU.rocks/jessica-gallone/

    10% of the proceeds will go to https://www.familyres.org/


    Part of our  “Real Woman” Series!



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  • Girl Scout Senior Ways Badge Download

    Senior GS Ways Badge Download

    Part of our  “Real Woman” Series!


    Spotlight is on Sheryl Robinson

    As a Senior Girl Scout*, you have probably thought a lot about the Gold Award. It’s a big undertaking. If you’re trying to decide if it’s right for you or if you’re looking for ideas, Sheryl Robinson can help you. Sheryl is a podcaster, coach, and speaker who helps teens discover their unique gifts, talents, and abilities to achieve their dreams. She volunteers her time to coach Girl Scouts working on their Gold Award.

    Go to heartsofgoldpodcast.com to find out more. 10% of the proceeds will go to Scenic Bluffs Health Center at https://www.scenicbluffs.org/

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