Below is a collection of World Thinking Day pictures and ideas from troop submissions on our Facebook Page to use for inspiration for your next International event.



First year Cadette troop 30770 made these dresses and head wraps for their international food festival also known as tasting tea. They represented Haiti. They are a 1st year Cadette troop. Troop 30770 is from community 202 council 638 (photo right)

 Troop 116 hosting Haiti (photo below)




Troop 113 prepared a display and costume for Jamaica



Another photo from Troop 113 who also prepared a display for Thailand (photo left).  Troop 2990 learned about Thailand (photo right).

thailand-world-thinking-day-2016-troop-113 thailand-world-thinking-day-2016-troop-2990


A Brownie troop from Aurora, IL represented Japan at their service unit World Thinking Day event (photo left). Girls from Troop 934 learned about Japanese culture, cuisine, and everyday activities of Japanese children during World Thinking Day 2015



A troop out of Louisiana representing Japan (left and middle photos). Another troop included a tea set and lanterns in their display (right photo).

japan-world-thinking-day-2016-louisiana japan-world-thinking-day-2016-kimono japan-world-thinking-day-2016


Troop 16282 shared treats and SWAPs at their display.

philippines-world-thinking-day-2016-troop-16282 philippines-world-thinking-day-2016-troop-16282-girls


Troop 586 representing Fiji. They used the Fiji International Paper Doll Friend from MakingFriends® .com to enhance their display.



Although China is not a member of WAGGGS, many troops celebrate China at their International events or Chinese New Year celebrations.  Troop 43918 represented China for World Thinking Day (left photo). Troop 13232 made the Dragon for the Chinese New Year celebration (middle photo). Huan ying! (Welcome) from GSNMT troop 10414 (right photo)

china-world-thinking-day-2016-troop-43918 chinese-new-year-2016-troop-13232 china-world-thinking-day-2016-troop-10414



For this World Thinking Day booth, a troop made 300 apple pie bites and showed a train journey across the USA!


                                                                               A Junior troop represents Canada in the Parade of Nations.


Girls show off their Mexico display and costumes (photo left). Each of the girls from Troop 50479 brought a food from their own heritage and shared something from their backgrounds. In this photo, one of the girls had a traditional Mexican hairdo and face painting for Day of the Dead (photo right).

mexico-world-thinking-day-2016-dresses mexico-world-thinking-day-2016-troop-50479

Troop 70887 created costumes and SWAPs to represent Mexico (photos left and middle). Another troop uses props such as a colorful pinata for their display (photo right).

mexico-world-thinking-day-2016-troop-70887 mexico-world-thinking-day-2016-troop-70887-swap mexico-world-thinking-day-2016-pinata

A scout represented Mexico with face paint and flowers in her hair. (left photo). Another troop wore colorful masks and elaborate face paint to represent Mexico (middle photo). Troop #962 in Ada OK created God’s Eyes for their colorful display (right photo).

mexico-world-thinking-day-2016-flowers mexico-world-thinking-day-2016-masks mexico-world-thinking-day-2016-troop-962

One girl shared her colorful display and lots of treats. A junior troop used a colorful backdrop and big flowers for the girls hair in their presentation (right photo).

mexico-world-thinking-day-2016-tissue-flowers mexico-world-thinking-day-2016-backdrop


Brownie Troop 293 had a great time representing Ecuador (photo left). Troop 9095 getting ready to talk about Argentina (photo right).

ecuador-world-thinking-day-2016-troop-293 argentina-world-thinking-day-2016-troop-9095


GSNMT troop 10114 represented Brazil (left photo). Daisy Troop 70633 wore colorful masks to represent Brazil (right photo).

brazil-world-thinking-day-2016-troop-10114 brazil-world-thinking-day-2016-troop-70633


Troop 410 created costumes, traditionally worn to celebrate St Lucia’s Day, as part of their Norway presentation. (photo left). Girls in Troop 10066 in West New York represented Iceland. They showed what a brownie uniform and causal wear looked like (photo right).

norway-world-thinking-day-2016-troop-410 iceland-world-thinking-day-2016-troop-10066


Troop 915 used creative costumes and displays to represent France for World Thinking Day (photo left).  Troop 30500 studied France and made 100 French SWAPS that they got from MakingFriends® .com (photo right)

france-world-thinking-day-2016 france-world-thinking-day-2016-troop-30500

Troop 110035 represented France (photo left).  Troop #4791 of Wilmington, NC shared a closeup of their display and some proud girls.

france-world-thinking-day-2016-troop-110035 france-world-thinking-day-2016-troop-4791 france-world-thinking-day-2016-troop-4791-girls

Troop 84506 used fun photo props to enhance their World Thinking Day/ International Dinner (photo left).

france-world-thinking-day-2016-troop-84506 france-world-thinking-day-2016-bonjour


Brownie Troop 348 used postcards to create SWAPs and fact cards and other information found at MakingFriends® .com to create their display representing Spain

spain-world-thinking-day-2016-troop-348-girls spain-world-thinking-day-2016-troop-348

Troop 00382 representing Spain with their own exchange student from Spain dressed as a matador with 2 of their girls dressed like those “running with the bulls”. They also had a presentation with recipes of Spanish omelets, flan and Santiago cake, from their exchange student’s family.

spain-world-thinking-day-2016-troop-382 spain-world-thinking-day-2016-troop-382-food

Troop 4732 dressed up to represent Spain (left photo). Hidalgo Troop 34 represented Spain with colorful costumes (right photo)

spain-world-thinking-day-2015-troop-4732  spain-world-thinking-day-2015-troop-34


Troop 886 Osawatomie KS. At a different event, a scout is very excited to be learning about Sweden.

sweden-world-thinking-day-2016-troop-886  sweden-world-thinking-day-2016


Troop 10-347 represented Slovakia.  They added color and interest to their display with traditional costumes and trading card SWAPs from MakingFriends® .com. They are part of the Harlem Valley Service Unit (New York) which celebrated World Thinking Day at the Poughkeepsie Galleria!

slovakia-world-thinking-day-2016-troop-10-347-harlem-valley-su slovakia-world-thinking-day-2016-troop-10-347


Troop 46336 represented Italy with hats and mustaches.  Troop 2990 learned about Italy and Poland

italy-world-thinking-day-2016-troop-46336 italy-world-thinking-day-2016-troop-2990poland-world-thinking-day-2016-troop-2990


A Daisy at a colorful Ireland display (photo left).  Troop #40479 of Burlington, CT represented Ireland with a girl led Irish Step Dancing Lesson (photo right).

ireland-world-thinking-day-2016-daisy ireland-world-thinking-day-2016-troop-40479

Troop 144117 wore lots of green and created a colorful display to represent Ireland.

ireland-world-thinking-day-2016-troop-144117-girls  ireland-world-thinking-day-2016-troop-144117


A troop learned about South Africa (left photo). Troop 6022 represented Kenya (right photo).

south-africa-world-thinking-day-2016 kenya-world-thinking-day-2016-troop-6022

Troop 16440 represented Tanzania (left photo). In Texas, an incredible African drummer visited their World Thinking Day celebration at the Texas State Captial (right photo).

tanzania-world-thinking-day-2016-troop-16440 africa-world-thinking-day-2016


GSNMT troop 10398 wearing colorful costumes representing Madagascar. Another troop shared their display board for inspiration.

madagascar-world-thinking-day-2016-troop-10398 madagascar-world-thinking-day-2016-troop-10398-board madagascar-world-thinking-day-2016


Troop 45723 represented Egypt with Egyptian Palace Sweet Bread

egypt-world-thinking-day-2016-troop-45723 egypt-world-thinking-day-2016-troop-45723-second

A troop shared their Egypt display for World Thinking Day

egypt-world-thinking-day-2016-backdrop egypt-world-thinking-day-2016-backdrop-with-table


Although Morocco is not a member of WAGGGS troop 314 of Rosevale, CA wore costumes that can be used to represent several different countries in the Arab Region.




Kentuckiana Heartland Troop 1496 created colorful costumes representing the country of India (photo left). Troop 51268 represented India and participated in the Diversity Candle Ceremony for the Bluefield Princeton Service Unit of Black Diamond Council (photos middle and right).

india-world-thinking-day-2016-troop-1496 india-world-thinking-day-2016-troop-51268 world-thinking-day-diversity-candle-ceremony-bluefield-princeton-service-unit-of-black-diamond-council-2016

Service Unit World Thinking Day events

Service Unit 643


Troop 1137 Fallston Md discovering the countries of Greece, Brazil, Mexico and Egypt! The girls experienced dancing, food and crafts from each country.




Brownie Troop 1396 Celebrating World Thinking Day represented Finland, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.


 World Thinking Day friendship circles in Cochise County Arizona (left photo) and Kentucky (right photo)

world-thinking-day-2016-cochice-az world-thinking-day-2016-kentucky

Thinking Day 2016 amazing connections within ourselves and with others. The frame was created using 4 pieces of foam board from dollar store….it was made from 4 pieces


World Thinking Day Parade of Nations





MakingFriends® .com has many other ideas and products to make your World Thinking Day event special.  There are several passports and patches for many countries available as well as SWAP kits and free printables.

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