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When sharing-for-coupon make sure you are logged in to your MakingFriends.com account. When sharing our website will automatically generate a coupon and assign it to you based on your IP (For Guest Orders) or it will assign the coupon to your user account. If you share a product while not sign in, you will only be able to use the coupon at checkout as a GUEST, you can not share the coupon as an anonymous user, then sign in to your account to checkout.

Steps to successfully use Share-For-Discount program:

  1. Log-in to your MakingFriends.com user account.
  2. Add the product you want a coupon for to your cart.
  3. Click the Share-For-Discount button (Google+/Facebook).
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  5. Once verified the coupon will automatically generate and apply to your cart.
  6. Complete checkout :)

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