Ideas for Earning Cadette* Badges

Troops 451 & 5104  from Chino California earning their Night Owl badges!

Ideas for Earning Cadette* Badges

Your girls may not want to work on badges at every meeting. It’s OK if they don’t but when they do, make sure it is a fun experience they are sure to remember.

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Fun Fact: In the past, Cadette* uniforms have also been green and blue.

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Cadette* Ways BadgeCadette Girl Scouts at Concert.

Comic Artist Badge

First Aid Badge

Budgeting Badge

Special Agent BadgeCadette Scrapbooking Badge in a Bag

Book Artist BadgeCadette Girl Scouts Wood Working

More Cadette* Badge IdeasAdvanced Badge In A Bag® Triple

Each girl will have activities to earn three badges. That’s right, you’ll get 15 projects for less than $1.75 per project.

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