Swapping is About Friendship

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Swapping is a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Whether you are swapping at a big event, trading with a sister troop or swapping online, we have ideas for every situation.swaps-complete-kits
Complete Kits

Easy, economical kits to make swapping easy.swaps-girl-scout-themes
For Scouts

You can never go wrong with a scout theme.swaps-animals

Who doesn’t love to swap a cute animal?Girl Scout Camping Swaps

Plenty to choose from for your next camp out.swaps-people

You’ll be proud to share these.

They look good enough to eat!
Patriotic Kits

Show your patriotism!
Recycled and Upcycled Friendship Swap Kits

Use resources wisely with these craft ideas.
Pin Holders

Ideas for holding and displaying your swapped pins.swaps-holiday-seasonal
Holiday & Seasonal Friendship Swap Kits

Celebrate the seasons!swaps-thinking_day
International Friendship Swap Kits

We have kits for every country. So jump right in and pick yours!swaps-everything-else
Everything Else

Yes there’s more! If it doesn’t fit into the other pages you’ll find it here.
Daisy* Friendship Swap Kits

Age-appropriate kit ideas for your beginner girls.
Brownie* Friendship Swap Kits

These kits are themed for Brownie* interests and fit their abilities.
Junior* Friendship Swap Kits

At this age, your girls will want to choose their own kits.