Service projects are a big part of being a scout. Over the years, we have done quite a few. In this blog, I want to share a few that our girls have done.

Cookie Donations

Cookie donations are always a good idea. Some years, we have chosen to donate cookies to the local Community Service Projects gs411_service_projects_clip_image002woman’s shelter (Home Safe), and our local fire station.

One year, our neighborhood soup kitchen needed a boost. During booth sales, we set up donation boxes to encourage people to buy cookies for the soup kitchen. Since we have such a large troop, we split up into groups and made it contest. We have also donated cookies to local nursing homes.

Most years, some cookies always go to our military personnel. A local organization sends boxes of supplies, treats and gifts to all soldiers from our area. If any of the girls had a family member in the service they also received a box from the organization.

Book Drives

We have done used and new book drives a few times over the years. Many years ago, we even helped Community Service Projects gs411_service_projects_booksmove the old library into the new library building.  We also were there to help with the grand opening of the library. As a Cadette, part of our Silver Award was a big book drive and sale to help the library raise funds to purchase new books. Some of the donated books we also used in the new library.

We have two libraries in the area. Over the years, we have been able to help both libraries.

Donations to Underprivileged Children

My sister was a scout from Daisy to Adulthood. During her college years, she went on a medical Community Service Projects gs411_service_projects_clip_helping handsmission trip to the Dominican Republic. The mission organization asks each volunteer to bring one suitcase full of donations for the children. Medical and toy donations are accepted..  Our troop stepped up and filled a more than one suitcase. The extra supplies were used to help someone else fill their suitcase.

Food Drives

Our troop does a couple of food drives a year. We always do one at Christmas time when caroling. Other food drives are themed to generate excitement throughout the year. In March, for GS birthday, half the girls in the troop brought cake mixes and the other half bring frosting to donate to the food pantry. Our Thanksgiving food drive is to bring something that you would eat at Community Service Projects gs411_service_projects_pet fooda holiday dinner. One year, we did a “letter of the alphabet” monthly food drive. Some letters were a little hard but girls did a great job finding items.

At Christmas, we did a “Let’s Not Forget the Pets” drive since people are not the only ones that feel the crunch when times get bad. We gave the animal food to the food pantry to give another form of helping hand to people in need.

These are just a few that our GS troop have done, I would love to hear some more great ideas from all of you. Post your ideas on Facebook or send them to and I’ll share it with everyone!

Service Fun Patches are a great way to thank your girls for their hard work.

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One response to “What Community Service Projects Should We Do?”

  1. Alicia says:

    I was never a girl scout growing up but I am now my daughter’s daisy troop leader. I am always looking for ideas an service projects. I feel overwhelmed an so lost. There is so much to do an we have to take 2 years an cram it into 1 year.

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