Crafts and Activities for Girls

Why Craft with Girls?

Because it’s fun, it’s a great stress reliever and if you have good activities for their age, the girls will love it. Try to plan crafts with a purpose. Sure, photo holders or bracelets are always good ideas but try to think outside the box. What can you make give to others? Think ahead to badges and journeys. Is there something you can make for those in your community? We have endless ideas. Many from our sister site

If you’ve had great craft experience, let other leaders know about it by submitting it for our craft contest.

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Daisy* Crafts
Daisy girls love crafts! From free printables to complete kits, you’ll find plenty to keep your girls busy with creative fun.Troop 50685

Brownie* Crafts
Every Brownie-aged girl loves to make things. While you don’t want to plan a craft for every meeting, make sure to include several during the year.junior-crafts

Junior* Crafts
For this age it’s best to plan crafts with a purpose. See the homemade ideas we have for adding crafts to your service project, for earning badges and for donating.senior-crafts

Teen Crafts and Activities

Girls this age will want to pick their own crafts and activities. This is a good place to start.daisy-holiday-crafts

Holiday Crafts

No matter what level, your girls will love to bring crafts that can be displayed during the holidays.swaps-making

Pins for Swapping

Whether you are swapping at a big event, trading with a sister troop or swapping online, we have ideas for every situation.crafts-community-service

Community Service Crafts

What can you make and donate?daisy-freebies


From free printables and recycled crafts to trendy upcycling, our ideas are endless.

Recycled Crafts

Girl and recycled crafts– it’s like peanut butter and jelly. They just go together.

Upcycled Crafts

Girls will have fun creating upcycled crafts by using items they are already familiar with in new ways.