Princess Costume

princess costumeTurn her party dress into a no-sew princess costume.

You need:


Of course, you can sew rather than glue. (We glued using Beacon Permanent Fabric Glue.)

Start by making a casing for the elastic along the long side of the fabric. To do this, lay fabric out the long way on an ironing board. Press top edge down at least 1″. Fold over again and press down again. Run a bead of glue just under the folded edge closest to you. This will form the waistband of the skirt.

Fold the skirt right sides together matching side seams. Run a bead of glue down one side and glue the sides together.  Turn right-side out.

Cut a length of elastic to fit securely around child’s waist with a 1″ overlap. Pin safety pin to one end and use it to push elastic through the waistband casing. Gather waistband as you go so other end of elastic does not feed into the casing. Use the safety pin to pin both ends of the elastic together. Adjust waistband to hide pin inside casing.

If skirt is to long, trim. Glue hem if fabric ravels.

Wear party dress over skirt.