More than Camping, Crafts and Cookies

[layerslider_vc id=”14″]As a troop leader, you know all about the three “C”s: camping, crafts and cookies but you also know that there is so much more. Outdoor adventures. Community service. Parties, parades, ceremonies, events, trips and so much more.

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In the 1940s, scouts helped the war effort by picking milkweed pods that were used in making life jackets.

Ceremonies and Traditions

From meeting openers and flag ceremonies to investitures, rededication and bridging, find out about what makes ceremonies special.daisy-teddy-tea
Celebrations, Events and Parties

From small parties and parades to huge service unit events, your troop will enjoy the social side of their experience.daisy-outdoors
Camping and Outdoor Activities

Get your girls outside and encourage them to be active! Being outdorrs isn’t only about camping. Go swimming or bike riding. Build a snowman or scarecrow. The possibilities are endless.gs411_service_projects_clip_image002_0002
Community Service

It’s never too early to teach your troop about giving. Find ideas and rewarding activities for service projects.


It’s that wonderful time a year when real life stops and cookies take over. Find out how to sell more and have more fun while doing it!cadette-trip
Trips and Tours

There are plenty of fun, free trips to do with a troop. Many will help you earn a petal, badge or enhance your journey.peace-journeyCrafts and Activities

Girls love crafts! From free printables to complete kits, you’ll find plenty to keep your girls busy with creative fun.veterans-day
Patriotic Ideas

Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day or any day is a good day to have pride in our country. Honoring our military and our country is an important part of community service.