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In April 2015, Junior Troop 65026 from Danvers, Massachusetts earned their Bronze award after a year of hard work volunteering for a local nursing home.

The girls in our scout troop provided many hours of volunteer service spending time with the residents and learning their likes and dislikes. They provided holiday centerpieces for Thanksgiving and Christmas, holiday cards, and sang Christmas carols throughout the building.  If your looking for some great free greeting card ideas check out MakingFriends® .com site.

Bronze Award BookshelfThey also used money earned from GS Fall Product and Cookie sales to design and build a book shelf that they called a “Boredom Buster Bookshelf”. They filled this bookshelf with games, puzzles, and activities that would provide hours of entertainment for the residents.

The Junior scouts presented the shelf to the residents at a small celebration. Nursing home residents, staff, and family were invited to celebrate the hard work these girls had put towards this project. Cake and cookies were served.

Bronze Award BookshelfThe girls put in countless hours of hard work towards this Bronze Award project and learned many things along the way including dedication, teamwork, and giving back to the community. At the end of this project, they saw the faces of the residents who were overjoyed with appreciation and excitement and it made all the hard work worth it.

Bronze Award BookshelfSupplies Required for shelf:

  • Wood
  • Nails
  • Paint
  • Wood Glue
  • Games
  • Puzzles
  • Word Searches

Bronze Award BookshelfThe Read fun patch makes a great reminder for your troop service project promoting literacy.

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: The leaders for Troop 65026 are Allison MacDonald, Maryann Owen, and Niki Mather. Between the three leaders, they have over 40 years experience in scouting. They enjoyed leading this group of amazing girls through this process and are excited to continue leading their troop!

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