Sara asked: I am a new Daisy Troop Leader and we are currently working on our Petals. The girls have earned a couple so far. We have some new girls joining our troop this month and I am wondering how the other girls could earn the petals we have already learned. I’d like to know how others have handled new girls joining in the middle of the year/ journey. What is the best way for girls to catch up on Daisy petals?

We gathered the top 4 ways to catch up on Daisy petals from Girl Scout Leaders on our Facebook page:

Catch Up on Daisy Petals

One of several products available at MakingFriends®.com to help Daisy girls earn their petals

1: Petals are easy for new girls to make up at home. Just have their families read and discuss the stories, then do something at home/school to practice that skill. They can help around the house, practice sharing with their neighbors, etc.

2: MakingFriends®.com does have several products that make it easy for parents to work with girls on petals the troop has already completed. 

3: The Daisy journeys coincide with the petals, so if you plan to do any of the journeys they can earn them that way. That is what we did.

4: I did a make up or catch up session for the new girls on a weekend afternoon.

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