New troop leader asks: We finally got approval for our troop to start. How did your troop start regarding funding? Do you ask for dues and buy supplies or do you have each girl bring supplies in? Do you go buy a bunch of supplies before the first meeting and have troop pay you back? We asked troop leaders on our Facebook page how to start the troop funding process.

Here is some of the feedback we had from our Facebook page:

Angela’s creative idea: We started in October and had a”birthday party” for Juliette Gordon Low. All of the girls bring presents such as craft type items and they all opened someone else’s. The presents were all stuff that we could use for different projects. We gave them a $10 cap and said visit a dollar store. They had a blast with it and very little out of our pockets.

Elizabeth’s experience: When we were new we asked for $3.00 (now $5.00) dues per meeting for badges and patches earned. We also asked for craft supply donations. My co-leader and I frequently pulled from our own personal craft supplies and donated them to the troop. Once you participate in a cookie sale, you should have the funds for craft supplies. After a few years, we still ask for dues and will split the cost of the events with the participating families.

Jennifer’s help: Our first meeting we explained we are a new troop and ask for donations of craft supplies and start up costs.

Maria’s idea: We had a craft supply donation shower. Everyone was asked to bring a designated item; crayon, glue, markers,scissors, etc. and $30 dues.

Christina: We asked for dues of $25.00 for the year. The first half of this year we are doing mainly meetings and free outings (police station, local flower shop, airport) and then after cookie season we can start planning paid events.

I would also check with your community or council to see if they have a start up fund. I’m the financial coordinator for our community and we give all new troops $50 and our council gives all new troops $25 to start off with so the leaders aren’t spending their own money.

Jen wrote: Yes to both. I ask for dues from the start (add in costs for badges too) and I collect dues at the beginning and end of year. I also buy supplies in advance or I have sent out doodle polls asking parents to contribute (markers, crayons, scissors, etc). Over the years you save up tons of supplies but the first year is tough.


how to start the troop funding process

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