Girl Scouts Love Superheroes

At the start of our second Daisy year, with my youngest daughter, I found myself trying to decide what to do.  We had spent the first year earning all of our Daisy Petals with the Flower Garden stories and activities provided in the Daisy Binder.

We were welcoming 5 new Scouts who also needed to earn their petals and learn the GS Law. I didn’t want the girls who remained for the second year to repeat what we had done the previous year.

Then, I came across an amazing program… the Scout Superheroes from MakingFriends® .com! I checked out a few of the coloring pages. Then I chose which petal to work on first and ordered the Honest & Fair download to check it out.  For just $5.00, I had a whole plan outlined for me!  One that is not only appropriate for Daisies and Brownies, but interesting and fun.  I knew instantly that I had a plan for the year. One that highlighted every petal and made them relatable to the girls. I’m so glad that leaders, who are also busy working moms, have MakingFriends® .com to help out with meeting planning. I also love that they sell items that coincide with the lessons and other fun things like SWAPs and games.  The free thrown in downloads are also a bonus! 

We look forward to finishing the Superheroes during the rest of this year and also using your amazing resources for World Thinking Day!

The girls in the masks are working on their Honest and Fair petals with superhero Sincerity. The girls also worked with superhero Freedom. They are showing off the lights out kits they made to complete their Courageous and Strong petal. In the final photo the girls show the cards they made while working on the Considerate and Caring petal with superhero Charity.

Girl Scouts Love Superheroes Girl Scouts Love Superheroes

Girl Scouts Love Superheroes Girl Scouts Love Superheroes


Girl Scouts love superheroesEach of our superheroes has a superpower representing a part of the GS Law. Girl-led downloads help your Daisy, Brownie and Junior scouts earn Scout petals and badges. Each superhero has also taken the time to learn about a different country for World Thinking Day. They are ready to guide your girls through learning about and preparing a booth for the country they have chosen.

You can meet the Scout Superheroes at MakingFriends® .com

Connie Bell is a 9 year scout leader that considers scouting her life’s passion. She is from a very small town in Indiana, population 500. Connie works hard to build girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place.  Her current troop has 19 girls: 6 Cadettes/Seniors, who you may know from Operation: Be a Sister, and 13 second year Daisies.


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