Every year my Girl Scout troop has a Halloween themed campout.  This one was “Minute to Win It” We started out the evening just like the show, the first night we had a minute to win it boot camp giving everyone a chance to practice before we started the games.

During the next day we did Girl Scout badge work such as outdoor skills, hiking, building a campfire then that evening we have our party.  At the start of the party, we gave out an empty loot bag to fill with their winnings: candy, chips, healthy snacks and scout cash. We created pretend money the girls collect throughout the year, and then at end of year we have a huge auction with prizes for the girls to purchase. We collect items throughout the year for this event including black Friday shopping.  The auction teaches the girls how to save and how to earn scout cash throughout the year.  We give scout cash for anything they participate in such as product sale, booth sales and participation in service projects.  Example: we asked the girls to bring a picture to every meeting either they drew it, cut out magazine picture or a photograph, that represented one part of the law. Each week a different line of the law was chosen.  They also received scout cash for being on time to the meetings and attendance.  This really helped troop participation and being on time, funny part some girls got there so early they are waiting for us.

Back to the party, if you are not aware “Minute to Win It” is a TV show, where you have 1 minute to complete a certain task. To the right are the games we played with our girls, there are so many more online – check these out, but if you want more search the game show website for a list of all the games from the show.

In our troop the adults (Girl Scout leaders & parents) join in on all of our events.  It teaches the girls no matter how old you become you still can be young at heart, so join in and have fun being a Girl Scout leader.

If you have tried this or have other ideas to add we would love to hear about it. You can send us a email to gsleader411@gmail.com.

Remember each one of these games had to be completed in one minute.

Girl Scout Minute To Win It Tissue Toss: 
Using 1 hand, empty a tissue box.
Girl Scout Minute To Win It Face the Cookie:
The girls each had one cookie to place on their forehead.  They used only there facial muscles to move the cookie to their mouth.  Then they ate it! A lesson we learned, have them stand on clean plastic so if it drops it will be clean to eat.
Girl Scout Minute To Win It Separation Anxiety:  
We gave each girl a pile of 25 M & M’s and enough Dixie cups to represent each color. They had to separate colors into correlated cups.
Girl Scout Minute To Win It Golf ball Stack:
Each girl was giving three golf balls, their goal was to stack them one on top of each other vertically and they had to stay standing for 3 seconds.    This was one of the harder challenges but we had a couple of the girls make it.
Girl Scout Minute To Win It Separation Anxiety:  
We gave each girl a pile of 25 M & M’s and enough Dixie cups to represent each color. They had to separate colors into correlated cups.
Girl Scout Minute To Win It Noodling Around:
Each girl picked up six penne noodles with a piece of uncooked spaghetti with their mouth.
Girl Scout Minute To Win It Pucker up:
The girls each had a tongue depressor and 5 dice; they each tried to stack the 5 on the end of the depressor while holding in their mouth for only 2 seconds.  This was a real hard one so I do not recommend it, but if you are looking for a hard challenge this is for you.
Girl Scout Minute To Win It Chandelier:
The girls were in teams of two for this challenge; each team had 15 cans and 4 paper plates.  When the clock started the girls places the first can and plate and they continue to add to each layer second layer 2 cans and plate and then 3 cans and plate this continued until the top layer had 5 cans and a final plate.

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