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camping funOur troop went Camping over the summer. We went to Camp Chenoa and stayed at Rocky Top in the Yurts, they love staying there. There was 3 of them that “pulled” an all nighter, but had a great time while we were there.

We went with about 40 other scouts we all meet at the same Religious Building so all the girls kind of knew each other.
While we were there for the weekend all the girls played lawn games, did some star gazing, had fires in the site fire pits, enjoyed a full day of activities, dinner of TACO IN A BAG that everyone enjoyed.

They walked around the camp to explore, we made beach candles, decorated flip flops with balloons. Got told by the park ranger that there was a bear in the woods during the night, but we never heard or saw it.
On Sunday morning we picked up our camp sites, did Kaper Charts and made sure that the camp was left better than it was when we got there. It was a great weekend and the girls can’t wait to go camping again.

camping fun - balloon flip flopsBALLOON FLIP FLOPS

I bought flop flops for all my girls (but you could have each girl bring there own)
then we used water balloons and just tied them in knots around the straps.


Buy individual bags of Doritos to start then a big bag of them for extra. Cook the hamburger like you would if you were making tacos, then you take the lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and sour cream. Crunch up the Doritos in the bag and add everything into the Doritos bag and enjoy!! The best part is no clean up.



We had the girls dig holes in the sand on the beach while camping. The leaders melted paraffin wax & melted crayons to add color, The leaders then poured the wax into the holes that the girls dug and then added the wick. We let them sit over night to make sure they were all set. When we pulled them out the next morning they were all dried and the beach sand was dried to the outside of the candle. We also added shells and gems to the sand before we added the candle wax.

A little bit about the leader – Shayne Richard Fritz is the leader of the Troop and have been for 8 years. She loves going to scouts every week and seeing what the girls all have to tell her. She have 2 daughters that are scouts also. Her oldest daughter has her own Daisy troop and a life time scout, and my youngest daughter is a 1st year Ambassador.

For additional ideas for your next camping trip, take a look at the Camping and Hiking page at

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