Girl Scout Daisy Troop 182 earned the Between Earth and Sky Journey. Today Krystyn the leader of the troop would like to share their action plan.

Submitted by Krystyn Romanich

My girls love the outdoors, but they don’t want to do anything that reminds them too closely of being in school.  They love school, but want a distinction between Girl Scouts and school. So let’s be honest they don’t want to just color and read stories. So for our journey we did it a little differently.

CAM00692For the blue bucket of feelings I made that be a homework project where the girls took blue solo cups and punched two holes in them and then attached a blue pipe cleaner from one end to the other.  (This became our blue bucket of feelings) Every day the girls were to write or draw a picture of how they were feeling that day. After two weeks they brought it back and we dumped all the feelings into one pile and compared them and showed how everyone has feelings and how they can be different and the same as well.

Our meetings were all outdoors for a while, where we discussed Fred the fish and how water pollution is something we can help fix so Fred the fish doesn’t have to swim through nasty dirty water that gives him a wide range of feelings (blue bucket anyone). After we talked about it we went to the park and picked up trash and talked about littering and ways to help and ways to prevent. Then for fun we shared our snack with the ducks!!

CAM00645Our next meeting we had a farm day event. To start we went to a local nursery and picked out a tree together and took it to the community farm. The girls got to plant the tree and walk through a beautiful garden. Following the tree and garden walk, we visited and fed the goats and sheep there. (The caretaker even took the goat out of the pen for them) My girls got to see baby rabbits that were born on Easter and still had no hair.

We then went on a hike and made a craft while we were hiking. The adults took duct tape and gave the girls a duct tape bracelet (sticky side up) the girls then got to stick flowers and items they saw on the hike too it. The girls got to learn about how some of the flowers were edible and they even tried them. Their favorite was honey suckle. They got to pick fruit and enjoy the outdoors

CAM00695For the take action project the girls decided they felt like too much paper and books were being thrown away and they decided to do a book caravan. We rounded up a ton of books and let the girls make sure they were clean and good use. After that they got to stick on the labels we made for them, “Take, Pass, Share Daisy Troop 182.” The following meeting they loaded up and dropped the books off at misc. places, i.e. the bus stop, a couple of buses, Dr. Office, McDonalds, and a hair salon.

This is our journey and this is our world and we will help change it.

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CAM00697My name is Krystyn I am a first year daisy leader of 9 girls. I was a Girl Scout myself and loved it and couldn’t wait until my oldest was able to join. I work full-time and am a wife and mother of two. My oldest is 6 and my youngest is 2 (that is if we don’t count my husband as my eldest) I have loved the opportunity to be a leader and wouldn’t trade it for anything. While I teach them I find that they teach me more than I can ever teach them. We have had a great year and have earned all our petals and 2 of the three journeys so far. We have many more plans and many more things we want to experience.


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  1. Vanessa says:

    What great ideas. Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences.

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