Pet BadgeMy brownie Girl Scout troop recently earned the new Pet Badge. The girls had a great time learning about pets, sharing stories about their own pets, and playing games with their new pet frog. We purchased the Badge in a Bag® for pets and also added games and other activities to the kit.

Find Out What Different Pets Need

The girls were each given a bingo sheet with different pets on them. Each girl picked three animals in a row that they wanted to learn more about. Previous to meeting we printed a bunch of the pet fact maze sheets and based on the animals the girls choose they each took turns sharing the information on the sheet.  After they shared the girls raced to see who could complete the maze first.

Keep a Pet Comfy & Feel Loved

Each girl was given a pet frog. The girls each gave their pet a name and throughout the meeting the girls created a home for their pet on a lily pad and took care of their pet.

The girls loved having a frog as a pet and doing all the activities with their frog. We played leap frog and musical leap pads. We also placed the lily pads on the ground and they each took turns to try to toss their frog onto a lily pad, the girl that was the closet won.

Feed a Pet

The girls each fed their pet frog a fly and marked it on their feeding chart. We asked the girls to take the charts home and over the next week to feed their frog flies every morning before school.

After the girls finished feeding their pet frog, we played a game to go along with feeding a pet.

GAME: Catch the Cat
Have an adult volunteer play the role of the cat and a have a big bag of candy. The girls must chase the cat and try and tag her. If the cat is tagged she must freeze and throw out some doggie treats (candy) to distract the dogs and get away. The cat can hide from the girls or even take a break from running by climbing up a tree (not an actual tree just a time out place) The game continues until the cat runs out of doggie treats to throw out.

 Help a Pet Stay Healthy and Safe

As a service project the girls each brought in pet food to donate to the Animal Humane society. The girls each made Bone thank you card to deliver to the caregivers at the Animal Shelter with all the donated food.

Song: A Doggy with a Bone
(Tune of:  If you’re happy and you know it)

Oh, I wish I was a
doggy with a bone.

Oh, I wish I was a
doggy with a bone.

Oh, wouldn’t I delight,
I would howl day and night.

Oh, I wish I was a
doggy with a bone

Additional Games to Play with Pet Badge

Pet BadgeDog Tricks
In this game the kids bop a balloon in the air to music when the music stops who ever was the last person to touch the balloon must pop it and complete the dog trick inside. Before the game begins write down dog tricks on separate slips of paper and put one in every balloon before you inflate them. Make sure you have enough balloons so every girl gets to do a trick. If you run out of ideas you can include some tricks twice. Here are some examples of fun dog themed tricks:

  • Roll over
  • Play dead
  • Chase your tail
  • Bark like a Chihuahua
  • Howl at the moon
  • Sniff around for your bone
  • Wag your tongue 

Dog-Bone Balance
Divide the group into two teams. Have each team stand in a line and give the first two people of each team a tablespoon and a little bone. Once the whistle is blown they must run around a chair with the bone on the spoon. If they drop the bone they have to start over. The first team to have all the players finish – wins.

Check out my girls earning the Pet Badge on the GSLeader411 Youtube Channel. Make sure to subscribe to the channel to get updates when new videos are posted.

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