Recycled Box Cookie Holder

recycled-box-cookie-holderGirls will enjoy getting creative while turning unwanted box lids into holders to use during their cookie sales.

You need:

  • Box lid
  • wide ribbon
  • decorative paper and glue or paint and markers
  • duct tape (if needed)


Box lids that aren’t sturdy can be reinforced with duct tape.  Girl should use their creative skills to decorate their cookie holders.  If using paint it may take several coats to cover any printing that may be on the box lid.  Once the base coats are dry use paint and stencils or stamps or use markers to decorate the cookie holder.  Another option is to use decorative paper and glue to completely cover the box lid.  You’ll need a piece of ribbon long enough to go around the neck, over the front of the box on each side, under the box and around the waist of the girl with enough ribbon on each side to tie the ends of the ribbon in the back.  Once you have determined the length and cut the piece you will be using, fold in half hang around the neck of the scout using the tray.  Have girl hold tray at waist level to determine where to staple the ribbon to the front of the box lid.  You can use glue or duct tape for additional support on the bottom.  Tie ribbon around waist in the back.